Saturday Night: Feast Food!


baked rice, boiled eggs with chilli sauce, cassava leaves sautee with anchovies and corn fritters😍 Yummy!

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

I attended the monthly community gathering at Saung 03 again tonight, my hubby refused to join in even though I told him this is the last gathering in this year. So I left home with the cats😂 the truth is Lemon and Menlu take me to the gathering place and then went back home.

Because this is our last gathering for 2019, special menu are served. As always, I take some pictures of the diner table first, then the fruit's table and finally the dessert.


Shoot! Not just watermelon but also tangerines😍

My favourite's corner always the fruit's table😂 but to avoid some "talk behind the back" I just grab 1 piece each😊 I heard that the attendees remember me because I ate a lot of dragon fruits and mangoes last month😂.


The dessert is quite special too😉 maybe because the people who are in charge to provide the food, quite a rich and important one in the community, so she would ordered special cakes too. I have sweet tooth, I like cakes but I wouldn't dare to grab more than 2 pieces for myself😀 not when I have a diner date with my hubby at home😊.


so I shared a pack of baked rice with a neighbour, the rice is cooked with chicken fillet and anchovies.

It's just my habit, I only put something that I will eat on my plate, no matter how delicious the food are. I hate to see many leftover food on my plate when I know there are people who would love to take it home for their family too. Half piece of boiled egg, a spoonfull of cassava leaf sautee, 1 piece of corn fritter and a tsp of chilli sauce are enough😊

I often see people put everything on their plate, but they couldn't eaten it all😢 it makes me sad. That's why I'd prefer order and eat something that I really like to eat in perfect portion for my appetite. I seldom take away food from the gathering unless there are so much left-over. But Not tonight😀.

After having my diner, I went back home and playing with my fellow monsters then have my diner date with my hubby😊 we have fried stinky beans, fried salted fish and special hot and spicy homemade sauce👍👍👍 I got 5 stars from my hubby for the diner menu😁.

There will be another community gathering next month, I will participate as a part of the community. I can't remember all the names of women who take part in the community gathering😊 but I don't have a plan to move out from the neighborhood for next couple years, so..I will do my best to get to know them later.

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14.12.2019 19:10
Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 73
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent
Food Coma
food coma pizza.gif
Good Luck
Have a
15.12.2019 01:47

View or trade BEER.

Hey @cicisaja, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

15.12.2019 01:48

It’s always a pleasure to see you make a mess @cicisaja. Your husband is a lucky man—and I’m not just saying that because I really dig his dreadlocks. 😉

15.12.2019 07:22

Actually..Im the lucky one @dandays 😉 not every man understand why his wife loves to mess up with everything 😂 he's working so hard to accept the fact

16.12.2019 04:47

I heard that the attendees remember me because I ate a lot of dragon fruits and mangoes last month😂.

Make sure that the attendees did not remember you as someone who takes pictures of the food before eating! hahahahahaha

15.12.2019 09:21

Well.. they already knew me for my habit on taking pictures of anything around, especially flowers😁 because I do it everyday around the neighborhood

16.12.2019 04:26

hahahahaha so you are the local papparazzi eh? hahahahahaha

16.12.2019 04:30

Thank you for being a ccc member. We gave you an upvote @team-ccc.

16.12.2019 19:06

Dang!! Now that is a gathering I could attend every night. I probably wouldn’t make it to work because I would still be in a food coma. That is an impressive spread of food I just say.

Big thanks for joining the food fight and making a mess with us.

17.12.2019 02:15