Klayu in Memory🌈


Klayu or kalayo, I couldn't find many information about this fruit😊

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

The picture above pop up on my google photos, a picture I took 5 years ago. It was grown at the neighbour abandoned garden next to my rented house in Bayu, Aceh Rayeuk. One of my favourite's local fruit. Never found any trees and its fruits since I live in Pamulang, eventhough it's not a species in danger.

maybe because not many people love the taste of this fruit, a lil thin juicy sweetish and astringent pulp

But I always love this fruit since I was a kid because it's not hard to find the small bushy trees around my grandparents and relative's house. I still remember the first time I ate Klayu or katilayu😊 I was 6 yo and My Belated PakDhe, Mommy Elder Sister's husband, taught me how to eat the fruit properly. The fruit is covered with fine hairs and you'd better not bite the big seed, it has bitter taste. I often find the fruits at the traditional market too till 1993, before I left my family and went to continue my study at the capital city of Aceh's province. I never eaten that fruit again😢.


the only picture I have😄

Around 1998, I met a new friend from other faculty at the university, my junior, a pretty and smart girl who has a special place in my heart. Well, I always hanging out with boys, but there were always girls around me too. She's a close friend to my colleague's girlfriend, my colleague was a student's president and I was one of his 8 deputies (the only woman's deputy and community services was my main responsibility).

1998 was an important political event in Indonesia history, the year which known as the end of new order or Reformation year. I was busy as part of the student movement, not too care about my study at the animal science department, and few months before my position as the deputy of the university student organization, I entered an English Class for those who wants to study abroad.

While my other friends learning english in a basic class, I found my name amongs the master and doctoral students in advance class😢 it's not fun and I almost resigned from the class until I met the girls. Desy was the student's president girlfriend and Nisa was her besty. They keep encouraging me to attend the class and soon they became my besty too😁. Both of them were graduated that time, while I was thinking to drop out!


I keep thinking what's Nisa's reaction if she knews I have a husband now, her white, beautiful skin, kind heart and pretty smile like a flower to me.

One day in 1999, She was asking me to help her all day long. She couldn't ride a motorcycle, Desy was busy to prepares for her wedding (she broken up with my friend), She needs to go to the craftsman's workshop who produces the Acehnese Traditional weapon as souvenir. The only way we could reach the place was by motorcycle and I'm the best friend she can trust😍.


our traditional weapon is Rencong, this one is made from jade and what we're looking for was bigger and made from metals

Nisa was looking for some souvenirs to giveaway because she's joined the International Youth Program, across the sea on a special ship with many chosen students from other countries and regions. She learnt the Acehnese traditional dance and many other things that would made me fainted before I could complete the preparation😃😂. She was Amazing!

What's the relation between Nisa and Klayu?

I rode her to the workshop at the remote area in Samahani, Aceh Rayeuk. When I parked the motocycle next to the traditional house, My eyes was capturing the beautiful fruits on the trees...

A lot of Klayu's Trees!😍

But the fruit hasn't ripe, yet! So I rush into the workshop where Nisa talked to the owner and I just following her around without saying a word. After an hour, before we left and return there next week. I told the owner to spare me the spare me the fruits. But the owner said, why not waiting for a little while because he has the well-ripe one on other side of the house! Yaaaayyy... then I realised that he plants many trees around his house as a living fences, Rambutan, beetle nuts, mango and Klayu. Why not! We rode back home with a bag of Kalayo fruits😁😂

When we reached the main street, rain has falling and we stopped for a while before we decided to rode through the drizzles and had to stop again near to the border of the district, the motorcycle had flat tire😁😀. Two wet girls then waiting for a man to fix the tire, giggling and eating the fruits happily. What a beautiful memory.

A week before she left to cruise the sea, she asked me to take her to my hometown, my parent's house. We spent 6 hours on the road, but this time not with the motorcycle😀 we took a travel bus. Another memory to share😊 we talked to each other in english along the way about everything, while other passengers talking about us in Achenese😂😂 but when we almost arrived to the shuttle, Nisa talked to the driver in Achenese and all passengers were shocked😅😅.

Nisa has passed away 7 years ago, after delivered her daughter in Sydney, Australia. She's married to an Achenese who is a permanent residence there, Desy was following her to Aussie to continued her study and they even called me up to join them with a condition, I must marrying a man they found for me😢😊 and I always find the reasons to refuse that idea.

I don't have any pictures with Nisa and Desy, but I still remember her smile, her gestures, her sweet voice and still crying on every August 27th, her birthday. Eating Klayu aka erioglossum rubiginosum is not just for the taste of the fruit for me. It's a way to remember my sweet memory with Nisa. My Sweety Nisa.

When Desy told me about Nisa's last call before she left us, I didn't cry because I don't believe that she's gone. I refused to visit her grave, I couldn't. I still ride my motorcycle pass by her parent's house with a thought that she's in Aussie. None of my friends who knew Nisa would dare to talk about her in front of me. Until one day, 5 years ago😢

I read through my old emails to find Nisa's email address and suddenly my tears running like a river and I called Desy to ask the fact about Nisa.

I felt so sorry for Desy too, I let her alone while she needs someone to share the tears and memory about her. But she said she could understand me. She told me that Nisa was happy, she's not in pain and she did wish to die after a big struggle like giving birth to her children. Oh My Sweety Nisa😭😭😭

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😪😪 such good memories, I'm sorry for ur loss. Very touching post

We have many wild berries in ireland, but we would not just eat stuff that grows fresh. unless its sold in a shop or fresh produce market it would be assumed to be poisinous 🤣😂🤣😂

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19.10.2019 15:00

I'm lucky @paulag 😊 I eat everything I know that I learnt from the elders, that sad and sweet memory has distracted me from writing more about the fruit. The leaf can be used as traditional medicine, the roots too. Some people in Java also cooks the shoot as meals, the sap can be use to attract fish when rub it on the baits too. Some gemstone's lovers would bought the fossil gems made from its sap and it's pricey.

But.. all I care only eating the fruits and spit the seeds anywhere with a hope, it will grow and birds spared some of the fruits for me😊

19.10.2019 15:11

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19.10.2019 15:22

Such a sad and beautiful story. I’m so sorry she is no longer with you, but glad you have those wonderful memories.

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20.10.2019 12:28

Thank you @minismallholding .. we only have beautiful memories while we still together and I'm holding on it. She has a wonderful personality and never met someone like her eversince.

22.10.2019 11:35

What a heartbreaking story, @cicisaja. I'm glad you told it, nonetheless. My prayers are for Nisa, Desi and you.

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20.10.2019 12:38

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20.10.2019 12:38