Janur Kuning is A Sign🌴


who's this girl? And why her picture pinned on papaya tree😯

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

Haaaahhh... it's been a week from my last post! I was busy reading comics😂 on webtoon. I don't have many interesting thing to share too😊 what can I do when I spent 15 hours a day to read?

Few days ago, I went for a walk with my hubby around the neighborhood and took a different route, a path to the neighbor village of our housing compound. I couldn't remember the route if you ask me to walk through the path again 😂😂 I'll never walk alone anyway.

How Do You Know that somewhere around your neighborhood is having a wedding party?


This is Janur Kuning made from Coconut's shoot or yellow leaf

In My country, Indonesia, you will find this kinda sign wherever you go, the fresh one means the wedding party will be held in 1 or 2 days and the dried one means the wedding party must be has had held about a week or longer, none cares to take it down anyway😂


why is Janur Kuning means wedding party?

Well.. I don't really know about the history of it😆 but whenever someone told you "sebelum janur kuning melengkung" aka "as long as the yellow leaf not there/bend" it means you still have a chance to marry with the one you love😁. She could be your long lost first love from the kindergarten or high school, he could be your best friend's boyfriend or your enemy's cousin, you still have a chance.


Hey Cici, I've seen this kinda yellow leaf decoration anywhere in Bali! Eventhough there's no wedding party😯

Well.. the Janur Kuning you've found in Bali is known as "penjor". It's not only famous as wedding decoration especially in Javanese Culture, but also part of tradition of Balinese. It doesn't means that if you see "Janur Kuning" then it's a sign this is the way to the wedding party location only, but it could also means that there's another type of celebrations nearby.

The placing of the yellow leaf on the entry gate to the location has its own meaning too😊 right side for the bride and left side for the groom. Here is another shocking myth that I only known recently 😂

if the yellow leaf was placing on both of the right and left side, then one of the yellow leaf dried earlier than another, people will considered that bride or groom is not virgin anymore 😁

Dang it.. I forgot to check on my own Janur Kuninh on my wedding party location😂😂 Just Kiding. How can that yellow leaf knows who's the one is not virgin? Uhhmm.. I don't remember whether we have that sign on the way to my wedding party at the beach😯😇 because I was busy kissing and talking to my hubby along the way😂😂😂.


oh my.. what these love birds doing here 😉 aahh.. it's not mine, I saw its cage hanging at the side of the path we walk by😊

It's just part of our culture and it's a sign to the party location, bride's side or groom's side or both of them if the party location is at the hotel or other buildings/gardens/beach.

Jan means heaven, nur means light, kuning is yellow ... so janur kuning means bright light of heaven🌴

It's a wish for everyone who gets married and build a family. It's a pray for the newlywed to live a wonderful life through marriage. We don't have to print a wedding invitation and send it to the close relatives, use the "mouth invitation" 😅 and if the guess came from distant place, give them a blind map to the location with the yellow leaf, and don't forget to put a card with the bride and the groom names on it with their parents' names too. Don't go to a wrong party!

who made the yellow leaf decoration?

There must be someone in the village or neighborhood who knows how to create one, or just order it from those who know how😊 it's also a business here in Java. I just checked some online shops which offering the products too. NO.. I'M NOT ORDERING ANY😂 I'VE NO PLAN TO GET MARRY ANYMORE, WHILE THIS ONE IS WON'T BE OVER TILL THE DAY I DIE😆.

So, what's a sign to a wedding party location or symbol of any celebrations in your country?

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How can that yellow leaf knows who's the one is not virgin?

Maybe they're magic leaves??

18.10.2019 12:48

It's coconut's leaf... what's the mahic about it? And so what if none are virgin? I've seen a widower marrying a virgin and his yellow leaf still fresh like hers😂😂😂 that's crazy... but it's a pretty decoration too.

18.10.2019 12:52


18.10.2019 18:26

Don't you think the girl on the picture name is sharmila? She probably the most beautiful girl who will get married at that alley 😉 she must be the flower if the village too

18.10.2019 13:35

She is...😂😂😂 I thought it was the picture of Bollywood actress...they really have the sense of humour and maybe one of her secret admirer pinned it there

19.10.2019 12:53

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18.10.2019 15:19

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18.10.2019 15:19

aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee those birds :-)

I love to read about your culture, its just so different to mine :-)

18.10.2019 18:26

Thank you @paulag.. when I saw this yellow leaf, I just remember about a must have decoration like pumpkin for halloween and the green leaf like clover on st patrick's day...I think it has the same reason and it's part of the culture.

Why I said somethinh like this is crappy? Because everyone in my country knew it.. but they care not to write about it😂 and I'm proudly wrote it down for fun.

19.10.2019 07:16

Do you know I never seen a 4 leaf shamrock?, they are the ones that are supposed to bring you luck

Liberating. If there was one word I could use to decribe you from all your posts all I have read over the years, it would be liberating.

19.10.2019 15:06

Thank you @paulag ... I like the word "liberating" .. I realised that I'm a rebel since I was 10 yo, I only said and speak out what I think I know and I don't really care about what other people would said about it as long as I respect their opinion. It's a basic rights😊

Ahhh shamrock! Do you really believe on the 4 leaf will bring luck? Amber got one last year right? And she's one of your precious Luck!

19.10.2019 15:24

Interesting signs and good meaning! Good explanation! They are very beautiful. I also like these birds. ;)

19.10.2019 11:21

Thank you @tangmo 😉 i was lucky that the birds staring at my phone camera 😂

19.10.2019 12:51

You're welcome! Yeah! You were very lucky! ;)

25.10.2019 14:07

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Thank you @c-squared .. what an honour to be chosen by you😍

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