I went to see coffee tree and I found a cashew fruit 😄


Im going to try to grow a cashew tree from its seed

Hellow Steemit Fellows

I went out with my hubby to check on the coffee trees we saw few months ago, somewhere in Sawangan, Depok, West Java. I can't remember the place, and all I have to do is be a good back seat passenger😆. Half way to the nursery, I felt like the back wheel rolling unstable, we stopped... it's flat, but the rider thought it's only needs some air and continued after refill it.


About 10 minutes later, we really need to check the tire😁

The nearest mechanic workshop only 100 metres back, so we decided to take the motorbike there, lucky me.. I brought 15 steem in my pocket😆 and paid the services about 6 steem, only one hole though.

The process only took 10 minutes and then we're back on the wheels. Several times losing direction, we finally made it. We arrived at a big old nursery. The care taker lets us went to check on the coffee tree, alone. He said the coffee trees have been there for years and it produces fruits too, but not this year.


and I just can't refuse when my hubby wants to take a picture with the old coffee tree

He went to talk with the nursery's caretaker, I look around and find a cashew tree behind the podwerpuff bushes. I saw red fruits hanging about 8 metres high from the ground and then I seek for any fallen fruits under the tree. I got one and hurry back to show it to my hubby.


I hope the seed will survive

When I took it to my hubby, he asked "what's that?" and I answered it in bahasa indonesia "Buah Jambu, Monyet" or in Inglish "it's a jambo, monkey😆"

In Bahasa Indonesia, we call the cashew as Jambu Mete, Jambu Monyet and in Bahasa Aceh it will be "Shameless Jambo". Of course, Cashew is not belongs to the Myrtaceae or Nut's Family but belongs to the Mango's family. The apple is not the real fruit, it's flower😁 and what kind of fruit which has seed outside the flesh?

Eventhough the cashew is not somekind of vulnarable plant, but it's seldom to find in some part of Indonesia. When I was a child, we have several cashew trees at our relative's yard, when it fruitful, we will pick it up with a long pole and work together to save it from hitting the ground and unedible.

About 20 years ago, the last cashew tree in my childhood neighbourhood wwas cut down and a private hospital was build on the yard. I've never seen any cashew trees ever since, until today😀

I posted the picture on my facebook and some of my friends in Aceh and West Sumatra commenting like crazy and jealous😀 I think I'm not the only one who miss the taste of astrigency, sweet, sour apple of the cashew😊. I wish I could find more fallen fruits to share with them too.


the nursery has quite nice aglaonema's collection, didn't ask the price because I only have 9 steem left to buy onde-onde😊

Aglaonema is not my favourite plant to have, but My Hubby and FIL love colourful leaf plants😆 maybe we will buy it some other time. The caretaker said that the nursery which 2 hectares wide has been there for years, the first on that area. The owner is landlord from Batak Ethnic (North Sumatra) and that's the answer to my wonder why it has coffee trees and several trees that a signature of Sumatra Island like Rambutan, Durian, and langsat😊. We headed back home before the sun has set.


then I remember that I didn't see any stinky bean trees at the nursery, which it's something weird for a people from sumatra😀

And the fried stinky bean with green chilli sauce were the best food for the day😆. I prepared that for our lunch and diner by request of my other half. My Sister in Law gaves the stinky bean as souvenir from her family vacation to Central Java😀. I have enough green to enjoy today😊 at least the cashew apple is orange😆

Have you ever taste the apple of the cashew beside the nut?

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There you go again, with those stinky beans 😆 😆

So many plants I've never seen in real life yet... coffee trees, cashew trees... I really need to go on holiday to spot some greens 😀

09.10.2019 17:20

It's stinky bean season now, the price is so cheap and we can get it free from the tree that grows at the mosque's yard too😂 I get used to the stinks anyway.

You have tgat greenie green things in your garden😉 while all I have to do is wandering around steemit to see the autumn atmosphere from your side of the world @simplymike

09.10.2019 17:30

Nice, I never seen one of them before. I have eaten cashew nuts. Are these from the same plant?

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09.10.2019 17:51

I forgot to take the whole picture of the cashew tree because of the lighting was not supporting.
You see there are 2 parts of the fruit @paulag?
The yellow-reddish part is the apple, it has strong acid which can caused irritation to our lips if we bite it. And the comma shape nuts? the cashew nut is inside it.

09.10.2019 18:00

it looks big, is there only one nut per fruit?

09.10.2019 20:09

Yes ..only 1 dycotyl nuts per fruit,can you imagine? We need at least 100 fruits to get half kilo cashew nuts. And it takes 3 years from planting to see the tree bears its fruit, at least 3..sometimes 5😊.

Aahh.. people make liquour with the apple part and wood preservation from the nut's shell.

10.10.2019 04:21

really, so its a ball'o (not sure if that would translate but you would put an x on the end if there were 2 nuts hehehehhehe)

That's actually crazy, I didn't know that, thats a lot of tress for a little bag of nuts. They are a more expensive nut, but not that expensive.

10.10.2019 20:46

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09.10.2019 19:34

That is like a big nut cashew fruit as well. The bigger the seeds, the better for planting and harvesting seeds.

09.10.2019 22:45

This one is not too big @deepwaters.. because it's not too broken after hitying the ground from 8 metres high, branches. I just want to have a cashew tree and I hope the seed is a good one.

Thank you for stopping by, do you know the trick to grow cashew from its seed?

10.10.2019 04:32

No. I do not know any specific trick for Cashews. I would suggest letting it dry for a week, then planting it, no deeper than 1 inch. I think it takes a while for it to sprout. So keep watering generously until it does.

12.10.2019 17:49

Thank you so much for your information.. I'll try your suggestion

13.10.2019 02:58

OoOoOoOo That's it I am going to come live with you. At least things grow in your garden. Everything is looking amazing. I have dried out stuff. It's been too hot for anything to grow well. I need to look at a different watering method.

I have only had the nut. It's my favorite nut.

10.10.2019 01:21

Even if there's nothing grow in my garden😉 we can go to many nurseries around my neighborhood @tryskele 😂😂😂 and you are welcome to stay with us anytime, as long as your skin can tolerate the minimum clean water standard.

Vietnam, India, ivory coast and philipine are the best cashew producers in the world, it will be easier to find a cashew plantation there, but I know there is a region in Central Java which fampus with its cashew salad😯 they ate the cashew apple raw and fresh with somekind of hot sauce.

10.10.2019 04:55

I had no idea the cashew apple was edible. All I know the cashew nut is poisonous before properly processed. Is the fruits safe to eat?

11.10.2019 17:43

It is edible @lenasveganliving .. but not everyone knows how to eat it safe way😆 I know how.. just avoid my lips touching it use my teeth and of course it's tricky. The apple sap is quite dangerous because it caused irritation. But in Jepara, central Java.. they just eat it like salad with special dressing sauce.

The cashew nuts? You can't eat it raw.. need to dried it up before bake or fry it. Anyway.. in some place like vietnam and philipines.. they make liquor with the cashew apple too.

11.10.2019 17:54