I look around, I find Love


Lemon in love with his cat's spinach root

Hellow Steemit Fellows💖

I joined steemit on January 2018 and since that time I always find reasons to hang around without spending much money to keep my sanity😁. Being away from my hometown where I spent 41 years of my life amongs people I love and place I know, to live with a man I love and start a new job as a housewife, I found a perfect way to enjoy my days, blogging.


I have time to learn about flowers name and admire its beauty and unique shapes

Flowers are the last thing on my list to care about when I was busy working for the community, going here and there as part of my job. Never cared about its names and how to take care of it and I believe that my sweaty hands don't have good relations with it😆. It has changed after I saw the first flower blooms from the only flower I planted it myself in 2015. Marrying a man who loves to take care of plants, I found that my love to flowers growing tremendously, at least I realised how I love taking its pictures😁


My hubby's favourite's food, any recipes with stinky bean involves

The second last thing on my list was COOKING! Yeap.. eventhough I often share my how to cook or make this and that on steemit, but cooking is not my thing😂. Brought up in a big family by parents who treated their children equally, boys and girls must learnt the basic knowledge to survive in community, cooking is one of that basic knowledge. At least you won't die starving if you know how to cook, that's what My Mom told us. Eventhough none in my family like to eat what I cooked😂😂 they knew I know how to.

I learnt how to cook by helping My Mom while living with her until I live off to study at other region after graduated from senior high school. And I never cooked for myself until I got married😁. I'm not a fan of cullinary adventure, I only eat to survive, to stay strong and healthy enough to do other things I like.

Now, cooking is my main job😀 for my hubby and My FIL. My hobby is reading, so recipes and cook books are one of my reading collection.


beside😉 this sweet martabak seller also everywhere when I'm not in the mood to bake some desserts😀

From books I read, I learn many things and meet many friends who shared the same passion. I made friend with authors, illustrators, publishers and readers. I like to know what others think about particular topic or genre through discussion, eventhough it never made me want to be a book author😅 because I really know what I want. Being A Reader only!


Thanks God, eventhough the rain hasn't fall for months, our Rambutan tree managed to flowering this year too

Feeling homesick and still need to wait for some more times to go back to hometown, I'm happy to see the rambutan's tree bears its flower and soon fruits😊 it helps me a bit to cure my homesickness. Our rambutan's tree is known as Acehnese Rambutan. See... I have it here in Pamulang, Java. Lovely isn't it?


Last time I saw blue sky was couple months ago and last time I take a flight with aeroplane was 18 months ago

Staring at the blue sky is my other way to cure my homesickness 😂 because it always remind me to my hometown at the norther tip Sumatra Island where I can see the sky is blue and the stars twinkling at night right after the sunset. I hardly ever seen stars and blue sky during my 4 years living in Pamulang😊. Pamulang is close to Jakarta, the most polluted city in the world (#3), I still remember how my hubby made laugh at me because I considered the red sun as the blood moon 😂😂😂

I love everything I've been through for lifetime, I don't have to be in Aceh to feel the love of the nature and people, we're under the same sky anyway. If I have my life full of lovely things to be grateful of, why must I seek for something beyond my reach at this moment?

I might not see my wonderful nieces and nephews growing up, or taking care of my mother and father but I can call and see their faces through video call. I couldn't felt the sea breeze at the beach but I know I'll be there again one day.

I refused to be a burden to my hubby just because I miss my hometown so much, I know how to be grateful of whatever I see around my place now. It's not about what I don't have, it's about how I need. I'm drowning in love atmosphere.


my queen of the night

Sunday is not always sunny, but sometimes it's gloomy, rainy, lazy and crappy😆 and I wish for a rainy sunday😊

Have a happy sunday and find love around💖❤💛

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Very cool post, @cicisaja. Living in such a polluted environment is not very good for your health, though. But probably is not as bad as eating that food. What are those things? Worms? 🤔

06.10.2019 13:30

Which one?
Red things with the stinky bean is fried anchovies and the things on that fake pancake is grated chedar cheese😂😂

06.10.2019 14:35

Yeah, this one.



06.10.2019 14:49

It is fried rice anchovies or teri medan in my language 😊 in sambal lado or chili paste

06.10.2019 14:56

Wow sayang ku tercinta!

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06.10.2019 13:46

Apa kabar akak @olivia08 .. lama tak nampak 😊

06.10.2019 14:33


06.10.2019 15:08

Hang in there hun. The feeling does ease over time. I still get homesick even though none of my family lives in that area anymore. I miss the beach, the water, the taste of the air. I'm landlocked now, so rivers and lakes have to do.

I soo understand about the pollution too. I lived south of Los Angeles growing up. The air was so bad at that time the sky would have like a rust color to it. If you went to the mountains and looked down at the city there was a brown haze. It was gross. There were days so bad that when it came time for recess we weren't allowed to go outside.

You have found wonderful activities. All the Lemon pictures, such a silly cat and your pictures are really enjoyable.

06.10.2019 15:30

Thank you my dear @tryskele 😊 I've been at this stage of sickness at least twice a year 😁 on Eid and my lil brother birthday (october 5th) and really miss the clear blue sky and the beach so much. Few weeks ago, my hometown was coverage by smoke from the forest fire at other province and I read a lot of status on facebook how they are all afraid of dooms day😂😂 even though it did happened at least once every 5 years.

I can survive as long as I can go to any bridges with rivers and waterfall around. I couldn't see the stars.. but the moon is still there too, sometimes it is more beautiful than at my hometown. Thanks God, I have quite nice camera in this old phone so I can capture many interesting things around to create stories about it.

As an Achenese, as long as we have the spesific ingredients of our traditional foods/recipes... any type of homesickness can be cure too. I have it all here in my neighborhood😊 except the coffee bean.

And my silly Lemon😂😂😂 He asked for the roots again this afternoon but I just ignore him and he went out to play by himself.

06.10.2019 15:43

Those pink flowers are pretty. Does that white flower only bloom at night?

06.10.2019 16:03

Those pink flowers are
Pretty. Does that white flower
Only bloom at night?

                 - royaleagle

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

06.10.2019 16:03

I don't even know the name of that pink flower... never seen it around before and yes.. the epiphyllum oxypetalum only blooms at night for few hours and withering in the morning

06.10.2019 16:06

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06.10.2019 17:02

Neu follow long balek kak @cicisaja 😊

07.10.2019 12:10

Jeut...follow mantong panee jeut keu hay teuma

07.10.2019 14:21

Teurimong geunaseh
Dirimu memang teman yang asyik 😃

07.10.2019 15:00

to seen the sun behind the clouds is a blessing of its own i guess ... i dont always have that easy but the moon brings solace and everything is equal in the dark

a bit short on inspiration lately so i thought id just drop by and dig up an old meme (is that even a meme?)

maybe a bit off-topic but hey !

07.10.2019 16:42

The last one is the better meme @goldmanmorgan 😉 I wish you have a great day too.

Well.. since the sun is the only thibg I can be proud of for living in a tropical country, I don't mind it if it's behind the cloud.. not pollution air,though😆

07.10.2019 16:57