Santol aka wild mangosteen on fruit stall at the side of the street in Jombang, Southeast Tangerang

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We're out to "eat the wind" on a beautiful afternoon around Jombang, Southeast Tangerang. I patted my hubby's back quickly to stop the scooter because I spotted a table with this fruit on it at the side of the street. I jumped from the seat before he really stops😀 because I was afraid he will pass the chance to get this "hard to find" fruit😊.

I just need pictures to create a story about the fruit, I said😊 eventhough I bought a kilogram for $1 with a plan to make setup or marmalade.


this fruit actually has many benefits for our health

When I was a kid in 1980-1990, I often bought this fruit from the seller in front of my school, sometimes my relatives would sent it to our home from their garden because they knew My mother and her children love this sour sweet fruit. Sometimes we make a challenge to eat it raw without peeling its skin. We used to throw it to the wall or floor to open it. But many times we have to folliw civilized technique😂 use the knife then slice it, squeeze it with some salt to reduce the acidic taste.

Sandorium Kortjape aka Kecapi aka Santol aka sentol aka sotul aka wild mangosteen has rich nutrition like Vitamin C, pectin, calcium, phosphor antioxidant and fibers. The young leaf also edible as salad and can be boils to cure fever.

I've seen the tree in my relative's garden when I was a kid. I dunno that this fruit has 2 varieties which determined by its leaf colours when whitered. Yellow and red, I think I've seen the yellow one.

Did you make the setup or marmalade, cici?

No.. I totally forgot that I bought the fruits😂 My Hubby threw it away after a week in the black plastic bag somewhere in the kitchen😊. Maybe next time if I found this fruit again. Even though it's not on a vulnarable state, but it's hardly found anywhere at the market.


Gandaria aka plum mango

From the same stall and seller, I found this fruit but only to taste it.. not buy it. Because I don't know what to do with it😆 the seller told me that it will be delicipus to make "sambal gandaria" or samble like using the bilimbi or any sour fruits.

Bouea macrophylla aka maphrang aka ramania aka marian plum aka plum mango (plango) is at the same status like kecapi. It's not easy to find anywhere in the market. If we're lucky we can find the trees somewhere around Jakarta or West Java. The taste is sour,but edible😉

Because I don't buy the fruit, I can't take a picture of how is the flesh and the seed. All I know that its flesh nothing like mango but the taste is as sour as bilimbi, the seed colour is purple when it's fully ripe. The young leaf is edible too, usually as salad.

These 2 fruits are native to Malayan Cape, Indochina and commercially planted in Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. Have you ever eaten this "kundang" Cik @fitinfun?

Happy Monday everyone😉 and Thanks for stopping by

pictures are mine, edited with inCollage app and for more information just search for the scientific names I mentioned above😉

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27.01.2020 19:05

No wonder I need to throw it away yesterday, you put it on the floor next to the water galon, yeaahh maybe next time when we found bigger and yellow one 👍

27.01.2020 19:14

Haha.. sorry dear 😉 I lost my interest when you can't open the fruit once.. it's unriped and took a lot of effort to make it sweet

28.01.2020 09:19

@tipu curate

27.01.2020 19:29
27.01.2020 19:29

Thank you so much 😊

28.01.2020 16:52

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27.01.2020 19:41

I had a whole bag of regular mangosteens yesterday.
I would love to find the ones in your post.
Thanks for sharing!

28.01.2020 04:26

You can't eat the hard skin on the common mangosteen.. but this wild one is edible 😉 the taste of its seeds just like mangosteen.. I hope you can find one in your area😉

28.01.2020 09:20

Now I really want some! I doubt I will ever have this.

28.01.2020 11:37

Oh my gosh Cici! You forgot about the fruit? You are such a bad girl!!! Nevertheless, you made me laugh and I learned something new, so it wasn't complete waste, lol. You know how much I love your stories 🌴😍🌴


28.01.2020 17:01

Thank you dear @lenasveganliving .. I know that if I can't make beautiful post.. something entertaining will be okay😀 this is the first time I bought fruits then it gone to waste.

28.01.2020 18:32

Oh my goodness I can just imagine you as a child throwing the fruit at something to break open the skin! I'm sure my sisters and I would have tried by throwing them at each other, haha. As always you've made it sound so interesting that I would love to try it! Ahh, which reminds me I still need to make my trip to the international market. It's about this time of year when there's not much fruit in season here that I crave some juicy tropical fruits for a change. :)

28.01.2020 19:24

Hahaha.. you will hurt your sisters with that fruit if you throw it to each other 😂 like when you throw a golf ball 😂
Perhaps there are some canned santol available somewhere in the market too.

29.01.2020 07:36

Yep i will eat them anytime , anywhere and so happy they are cheap over here in Thailand 😊

29.01.2020 13:05