Food Fight Friday: Mosquitofish and Cheesy Sweet Potato☔


tasty little fishes😀

Hellow Chefs👋

How's your holidays😉 I really hope that you are all enjoying it and ready to share what you got on christmas😉 it's always nice to see foods on the table from all around the world💖.

It was raining last Monday night, so as something familiar to my neighborhood to see many children and adults hanging around the big ditch across the street😁 they are pulling the nets and catch the fishes. I never thought that My FIL would bought that small fishes😱, but when I woke up on tuesday morning and checking in the kitchen, I saw the plastic bucket covered with plate near the sink and wondering what's that?


tadaaaa 😢 I almost crying. That's half kilogram of mosquitofish and it needs to be clean up😰

I have no choice😀 I know my hubby isn't really likes to eat this fish no matter how I cook it. He will eats few just to encourage me😀. I asked My FIL, how would he liked it to be cook? Could he chewed it?

Lucky that I don't have to cook something on that day😄 My SIL sent some food for our lunch. Still.. I need to clean up the fishes😈 and I did it for an hour and half😢.

Mosquitofish aka gambusia aka ikan cere is a famous fish in South East Tangerang. Even My FIL and My SIL would love to have lunch with this fish as menu on a spesific restaurant which serves anything with this fish😂, I escaped from them many times because I'm good with stinky bean and anchovies😁. If you wonder about mosquitofish, read this.

fact: this fish can reproduce even when it already dead😯 and considering as noxious pest in Australia

Okay😆 what did you do with that fish, cici?

On Wednesday, I took it out from the freezer, let it defrost by soaking the container in water for an hour😆. My hubby wants it crispy fried fish, My FIL wants it not crispy at all😅. Since I have a lot, so I fried 100 grams till crispy for my hubby. Then I chosen only the male mosquitofish (it has smaller size then the female) about 100 grams too, mixed with an egg and slice 2 shallots, add salt and pepper, I fry it too.

I still have another 50 grams (I kept 250 grams more in the freezer😆) and I'll try to make pepes or pais with my homemade asam sunti aka sun-dried bilimbi, one of the signature ingredient for the Achenese😊.


you don't need tomato or lemon juice to get the fresh or sour taste😊 this is made from bilimbi/averrhoa bilimbi

Mix this super sour thing with shallot, garlic, turmeric, ginger and red peppers to the taste with food processor or mortar, add a tsp corriander powder too. Add the ingredient to the fish and mux it well. Prepare the banana leaf, wrap in with it and steam it for 20-25 minutes.


aahh.. don't forget to add 30 ml cooking oil in the fish mixture, you can add kaffir lime leaf or basil too before you wrap it up

I have this pepes all for myself😊 it's delicious eventhough it's not as super delicious as my mother's pais😀. Hot rice with this hot and spicy steamed fish means Food Coma😩


My hubby bought sweet potatoes and he asked me to bake it with cheese and feemented cassava😀

That's the desert or our afternoon coffee companion😆 no football matches on TV, but watching the news before diner time. Yeaap... we eat desert before our diner😁😀.

this pist created for #fff on @foodfightfriday this week. This contest is for anyone who loves food! WATCH OUT IF YOU ARE NOT READY TO GET ON THE FOOD COMA😉

Happy Friday and Happy Holidays everyone👍👐

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27.12.2019 19:24

The coolest kitchen just got cooler. Hello, @cicisaja, so nice if you to join the food fight this week. You know I love when you make an appearance. And you know I love fish.. Fresh water, salt, little bait fish, big monstrous one, I’d join your dinner table any time sweetest chef. Your FIL is the luckiest FIL in Indonesia.

Happy holidays to you and yours, Cici,

27.12.2019 19:27

Thank you @dandays 😉 I have taken enough pictures for this week's messing up in the kitchen 😀.. you can join the group while catching the freshwater fish from the ditch across the street and make it as our diner 😉

27.12.2019 19:38
Your Food Fight Friday Contender has been entered into Round 75
May your contender make it out alive and not be placed in a permanent food coma!
Good Luck
Have a
29.12.2019 06:32

View or trade BEER.

Hey @cicisaja, here is a little bit of BEER from @foodfightfriday for you. Enjoy it!

29.12.2019 06:32

That is a lot of fish!!! Crispy, slightly crispy, no-so crispy... dang you spoil those guys. HAHAHAHA. Do the bones in the little fish just become soft and edible? I typically eat bigger fish and you don’t eat those bones... ouch. It’s always Great to have you in the food flingin’ kitchen. Cheers!!

29.12.2019 17:28

Sorry for the late reply @jlsplatts 😊 yeaapp the bones are soft and edible, crispy fried or steamed's edible.

02.01.2020 11:28

Fermented cassava? That’s something I’ve never had but it sure sounds good. In Jamaica those small fish would be deep fried with salt and added herbs. Then we make an escoveitch sauce- yum!

29.12.2019 20:54

Hello😉 fermented cassava is something what we call as TAPAI/Tape here in Indonesia, using the same yeast to make rice wine😊 taste sweet and sour.
Those little fishes has so many fans here in my neighborhood.. deep fried and mux it up with chilli sauce is the best😉

02.01.2020 11:31

Awwww... Indonesian food! 😋 yum

02.01.2020 11:36

Nice seeing you again @cicisaja, I can imagine these little fish must have been real tasty! Wishing you a very happy new year:)

Posted using Partiko Android

01.01.2020 07:24

Happy New Year to you too @lizelle 😉 it was tasty..the fish😊 but I'd better deal with bigger fish than it😂

02.01.2020 11:33