First Day of 2020


water flows on the street on the first day of 2020

Hellow Steemit Fellows👐

The rain was falling heavily since tuesday night, but on TV I saw many reports about how people around the world celebrates the new year, including the live report from the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta. People were partying under the rain. I was busy doing my job on steemmonsters because it's the end of the season and went to sleep around 2 am. The rain still falling.

I woke up on that morning, the electricity was cut off and the internet connection was very poor, so I just walk out to check the situation. The rain still falling.


neighbors were gathering at the intersection, watching the flood and kids are swim-running here and there

Few hours later, the power is on and I switch on the TV to see what's happened😯 it's Breaking News on all national private channels, Jakarta is turning into the big pond, water world whatever. 17 people died during the flood. The authorities still their best to evacuate the dwellers, especially from the "forever flooding areas" in Kampung Melayu and Manggarai. But the worst affected area of this flood is Bekasi, West Java. Even the Halim Perdanakusuma was totally shuts. 45 flights were postponed, hundreds of passengers transferred to the other airport.

How are you, cici?

Im totally fine, we're not affected by the big flood. I have enough food stock for that day in the fridge, because the veggie seller told me he's taking a day off on January 1st. So, we still having enough food for that day. Eventhough many food sellers still closing their business, I can find some food sellers around.


someone sent this picture to the whatsapp group, this picture was taken yesterday at East Jakarta, a taxi pool

There are 3 provinces which affected by the big flood, Jakarta, West Java and Banten. The rainfall are too higher this time. Normal rate is 100mm/hour but it was 400mm/hour yesterday. The bad news is this is not the peak of the season yet.


but children in my neighborhood always knew how to enjoy this situation😂

I saw many adults and children already spending their times in the canals to catch some fishes, today (January 2nd). The national climatology and meteorology department already announced that the rain will keep falling for the next few weeks till it reaches the peak at the end of January till March 2020.

Thousands of people still living at the evacuation centers, more than 120 thousands government officials are working to save the flood victims. Many good people are working to save the animals too. What a new year?

Disaster like flood always can be predicted, but not everyone is aware of it till they became the victims. Some said this is the worst flood ever happened in 12 years. The risks we should take of development and population increasing.

I just wish that the rain will stop falling for a few days, so people could take care of everything and prepare themselves for the peak of rainy season.

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Assalamualaikum @cicisaja, kiban keluarga ban mandum sehat?

02.01.2020 16:49

Wa'alaikumussalam wr wb, Alhamdulillah sehat dan get

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