Another Gloridax Revenge and My Tron Wallet😉

I like it when the chicken is there😂

Hellow Steemit Fellows😉

I was playing till 3 am this morning while witnessed Liverpool finally collects the FIFA Club's World Cup 2019 for the first time after 127 years established😊 congratulations🏆

Gloridax Revenge

When I was busy cooking for lunch, I remember that it's time to do another quest in my main account😊 and wondering what quest I will get😕 with a hope.. No Earth or Death Quest! Yaaayyy...Gloridax Revenge! It means win 5 battles with Dragon Splinter again😊

5/5 in 15 minutes is the best record on completing any dqs for me😁

Maintaining the winning streak and watching each battles with curiousity, How lovely Daria is. I depended on the reward monsters so much while playing her as summoner and fire splinter always my first choice, except when it's inactive.


the best battle with armored up and raise the common rule, 32 mana

I seldom win anything in the *raise the common ruleset, I usually get confused by choosing the right monsters😯 especially when my common beta monster only level 5 and rares at level 4. Lucky that I have all the reward monsters maxed, so it helps a lot. Once after I won this battle I feel strange😂 what the hell is the Jello lvl 3 doing there😯

What's Jello? Actually its name is Gelatinous Cube😆 but I just call it Jello.

Tron Wallet


find something funny while checking the transaction

I lost the access to this wallet for more than 8 months after joining the tron campaign, right after claiming some packs and monsters for 500 trx which I got from @freedomshift. A month ago, my dear friend @faiyazmahmud was informing me that he finally managed to get my access back 😊.


the only worthy aset in my tron wallet is the starter pack

It sits there until now😃 just because I don't know how to get it and send it away to my hubby's account ☆which I forgot what's his tron wallet address☆ 😄😂.
I want to use the pack for his steemit account, even if he doesn't play it😊.

I'm the one who ignorant to any kind of market transaction😊 I only know how to power up, transfer steem to other accounts, purchasing SBI or buy SP on blocktrades😅 I don't even know how to buy or sell a monster on the market. I saw another tron wallet transferred some tokens or cryptos to my wallet, but I don't know who and why?

Few weeks ago, after guided by my best coach @davemccoy, I finally put a bid to buy some a token (GUILD) with steem. But none sells it because the token price is 200% higher than my bidding price😅. Gotta collect more Steem then.

FYI, I do everything in my mobile phone which sometimes just stopped in the middle of transaction😆 nothing much to expect from a 3G network used phone. I'm glad that many things have mobile friendly mode, so even the lazy and silly person like me could learn about it easily, as long as "English" is one of the optional language.

Tron Wallet is still a mystery for me😊 I transferred my DEC to the wallet just because I wonder what's the different with using the steem-engine wallet. If I don't use it.. then it will stays there as my saving then.

I received 3 gold foil monsters from a friend who just havls had a big brain tumour's surgery couple days ago. His brother texts me on discord and Im happy about it. My friend @palikari123 is a nice guy and he's sending me gifts while he still not fully recover from the surgery. I miss him so much though, I wish that he could come back and Have Fun while playing the monsters again, one day.

Being a member of @teampossible has given me a lot of new experiences, new friends who turn to be like a family to me, wonderful times and better chances on growing my steemit account too.

I have been not around steemit because I spend my times on playing the game only. I need to put this on my new year resolution then join the pay it forward contest again and be in the top 10 leaderboard on esteemapp

Thanks for your support along the year and Merry Christmas to anyone who celebrate it.

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Peuhaba inan syara ?
Lama tak beraua😀😀

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Alhamdulillah get😉 sang dirimu ka berganti akun yaa...

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Syukur alhamdulillah
Betul nyan...
Ne follow beuh😀

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You are a gamer for sure. Please read my message left on Discord so we can settle some things. Good gaming. 💕

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Thanks kitty😉 I think we've sort out the problems and will find the best solution for it

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@cicisaja We keep our eyes open for the right person, news and moment. Thanks for everything. Happy day ❤️Posted with ![](

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Will create a post at the of the season in 3 next day

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