Thank You for Being Good: Episode 200

Say you’re sitting in a café and you ask for the bill. You notice they haven’t added on your second latte. In that moment you have the option of being actively honest and letting them know their error, or letting it slide, saving $3 and likely not ever facing any consequences for it. What do you do?

In a very real sense, communities are maintained by this class of decision. Many people choose not to vandalize or steal even though they have many opportunities to do so.

People might even have an excuse to be violent, but choose not to. They might have the option of using hurtful words or passive-aggressive, but instead they choose to be graceful, or at least step away from the situation so they can calm down.

You might well have made many of these decisions to be calm, peaceful and respectful even just this week. So thank you, for being good.

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