Start Small: Episode 180


We might have the will to change our lives, to get into shape or to purify our minds and spirit through meditation. Yet when we think about going to the gym and looking awkward on a Smith machine, we get uncomfortable. Looking at the meditation cushion or yoga mat, suddenly taking that first step seems so daunting.

Also important is the concept of self. If we don't see ourselves as fit, healthy people, as relaxed, focused individuals, we may prefer inaction.

Perhaps we don't have to do it all at once. In Atomic Habits, James Clear recommends starting small, even with the absolute smallest action we can take. One single pushup, one line in the journal, one minute or even one second of seated meditation could begin us on a journey, starting to see ourselves and the world differently. Piece by piece, transforming our identity, by starting small.

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Indeed a little goes a long way. For me the issue is in the beginning. Nice little trick is the 5 second rule. 12345 & ACTION

07.03.2021 09:45