Read Beautiful: Episode 211

As Owen Cook once said, as many problems with the world as there might be, it says something great about our society that we can go to a store and find a book which may have taken years of preparation, dedication, drafts and editing… and buy it for $6.

When you read a book to which someone has dedicated their energy, you start to tap into it. Reading The Fountainhead, you can feel the dogged determination of Ayn Rand and of her character Howard Roarke, the kind of persistence that would pass any challenge in order to manifest a vision of the world as he imagines it.

Picking up Baba Muktananda’s Play of Consciousness, you sense the devotion of a great yogi and teacher who spent many years meditating on the purity of his guru. Reading it, you might well feel their blessings.

Books can open doors to different perspectives, different experiences, and even different states of being, laid out simply on those pages, awaiting your new eyes.

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