Always Successful: Episode 216

Facing some moral challenge in life, we have the choice of how we see it. Perhaps we see ourselves as a victim, asking why the universe confronts us with such bizarre and unique difficulties. Or perhaps we say, this is an opportunity, these struggles are what makes life interesting.

A performing artist preparing his songs practices again and again, wondering if he’ll ever break the backs of these pieces, perhaps making a mistake at exactly the same parts. The novice and the expert might throw their hands up in desperation in almost the same way. However, the expert knows that his exasperation is a signal that he is close to a breakthrough.

Many remember the famous phrase from painter Bob Ross: “We don’t make mistakes; we make happy little accidents.” Of course we know he’s not just talking about painting. Interesting things happen, and we move forward boldly, deciding to turn those things to our advantage, understanding that they are part of the whole picture.

We are always expressing ourselves, always showing outside what is contained within. That is enough to always be a success.

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