​A Moral Foundation with Michael Nimetz: Episode 197

Ethics.jpgMike Nimetz is sometimes known for his wild parties in Acapulco, having acts like the Freenauts performing by his pool in La Cima, fireworks and dancing girls. But Mike’s real passion is developing a moral foundation for a new generation of leaders with his “Ethical Emergence” course, helping to implement the habits that enable you to be the person you aspire to be.

Here Mike tells the story of working in the construction industry in the USA and realizing that it wasn’t always about building, but was often about trying to extract money from government contracts while providing the least value possible. He left the industry and started a radio show and tried to influence local politics, only to find that it was also corrupt and very difficult to make any real progress.

Many times life is likely to disappoint us when we find out that things are not what we thought they were. In this episode we ask the question, how can we maintain our passion when life lets us down?

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