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The focus and projects of FRED Energy


FRED Energy focuses on green energy projects as it aims to become a key player in the green energy sector. With projects like Project Energise and Project Accelerate, FRED Energy would stimulate more usage and generation of alternative energy. The lofty goals and objectives of FRED Energy are for its several projects to achieve. This approach increases the chances of accomplishing the goals.

Significant Projects of FRED Energy

  1. Project Accelerate: This project is an extension and an environmental revolution of an existing technology. Tuk-Tuks are motorized autorickshaws, which are a growing tropical means of transportation. Tuk-Tuk is most prevalent in Asian countries, but they are fuel-inefficient and often a source of pollution. Fortunately, there are now electric Tuk-Tuks, but their level of adoption is still below par. Electric Tuk-Tuks are quite expensive, their charging stations are few, and there is very little or no awareness about them. Project Accelerate aims to solve these bottlenecks. A lot of investment would go into electric and solar Tuk-Tuk to provide affordable prices and hire purchase with no interest. This project’s services would begin from Tuk-Tuk drivers in Asian cities and countries like Thailand, china, etc. This project will reduce the operating cost for Tuk-Tuk drivers; increase the awareness of green energy. Project Accelerate sets the stage for Project Energise.
  2. Project Energise: This project is primarily on expanding Electric Vehicle charging stations to satisfy present and future demands. It is no longer news that electricity is becoming the primary source of energy globally. This trend has resulted in the growing adoption of Electric Vehicles. The project will take off in Asia and then extend to the EV markets in the EU and UK. In no time, the charging stations will take the form of the community hub model with more charging points and periodic top-ups. In these sophisticated charging stations, different local currencies and FRED Energy tokens are useable. This diverse payment option is in line with the Pay As You Go scheme, which provides ease of payment.
  3. To encourage more involvement in this, Project Energise would only be partly owned by FRED Energy. Project Energise is a potentially profitable one, as the EV sector would be worth $63 billion in 2025. After achieving ROI, the income would go into other niche areas and other projects.
  4. Online Marketplace: One method with which FRED energy utilizes to maintain success is diversification. This is why the set-up of the online shop is in the works. This marketplace will have products like Electric Vehicles, EV chargers, solar system gadgets, etc. for sale. Customers will have the payment option of using FRED Energy tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

As highlighted above, FRED Energy engages in projects to improve the awareness of alternative energy. The ecosystem is in deep need of saving, and at such; unhealthy emissions and non-green energy sources need to be discouraged. The phase 3 review of FRED Energy will end in the last quarter of 2020. After this, the full benefits of the projects will become fully available for consumers.

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