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How Does FRED Energy Works


FRED Energy is a group of green energy projects which aims to promote the use of several alternative energy. The idea of switching to greener energy has been in talks for quite some time now. The profitability or the viability of this kind of investment is no longer in doubt. This is why large corporations and major brands are investing so much in green energy. If not checked, this can lead to some form of monopoly in the energy sector. FRED Energy aims to invest in green energy as small independent operators. It also encourages more similar investments to increase competition and occupy specific niche segments in the market. These objectives require certain measures and methods for accomplishment.


FRED Energy would be placing the green energy projects on the blockchain to stimulate more adoption and better services. Just like every other system that runs on the blockchain technology, the projects would be consumer-driven. FRED Energy is looking forward to adopting a custom token on the Stellar network. This established network makes it easy for consumers to make payments for green energy services and products.
Going by projections and estimations, all the projects have a payback period of between 2-3 years. The increasing demand for electricity and products using green energy could reduce this period. Aside from getting Return on Investments (ROI), FRED Energy would be raising funds through token sales. The IEO exchanges often happen in three rounds, and the details are readily available on the website. These token sales are the ways by which the FRED Energy projects can be sustained. There are over 808,000,000 FRED Tokens on the Stellar network.
FRED Energy allocates the raised funds into strategic areas to keep the projects on course. 55% of the funds go into Project Energise, 20% helps in Funding Research into Energy Devices (FRED). 10% of the funds go into Project Accelerate, and 5% goes into the online Marketplace. 5% of the funds also go into marketing, and the rest is for legal fees. FRED Energy maintains the allocation to the Marketplace irrespective of the amounts of funds raised.

By 2025, the EV charging market will be worth $63 million. FRED Energy will not only invest in EV charging stations but also establish an online Marketplace. In this Marketplace, electric gadgets, solar-based products would be on sale. The first products up for sale on the Marketplace are small solar-powered lights and phone charging devices. Other products include home EV chargers, solar energy systems, etc. Consumers can get these products with FRED Tokens. This online Marketplace will become fully functional in the last quarter of 2019. There are also talks about introducing FRED Credits to increase the use of the token on the platform.


The green energy sector is becoming a very viable one, and several business outfits like FRED Energy are trooping in. Projects in FRED Energy are not just profitable but also sustainable. All the projects are meant to achieve singular goals and objectives jointly. Highlighted above are the methods with which the projects maintain this high level of sustainability.

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