Greetings,wonderful family. I feel blessed to become part of this awesome community. I've heard so much good news concerning STEEMIT,well here i am today,not just a "HEARER" but also a member of this great family,I'm really honored.
Frankly speaking,it wasn't easy for me to get through with joining STEEMIT but i guess it's just an example of the old saying that "NOTHING GOOD COMES EASY"



My name is Okeahialam Moses Amarachukwu. I hail from Ezinihitte Mbaise,Imo State,Nigeria.I am the First among the four children of my parents (Two boys and two girls). I'm currently single but I'm a loving guy (Smiles).


I am c

I am currently an undergraduate of the Veterinary Medical Profession in Michael Okpara University of Agriculture,Umudike,Abia State,Nigeria.
Though i am into the professional world,i am also a lover of variety,I'm a believer of the old saying that VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. I'm a kind of person who doesn't like being stuck in one thing or just one area of life and this character of mine has automatically made me a researcher,a diversified personality.
I won't also forget to mention the fact that I'm an online freak.
I love being online. I lernet




Talking of hobbies,i won't actually say that i have hobbies,but I'll tell you for sure that there are things i love doing,they are; Firstly,i love music (Both listening to music and making music),music on its own is a complete turn on for me.Apart from music,i love browsing,i love fashion,i love making money, i can't also forget the fact that I LOVE FOOD. I CAN EAT!!!!,if you doubt,you can ask my BOSSr.

                       # RE.

                        # REACTIONND GOALS

I won't forget to thank the one who consistently made sure that i joined this wonderful family. Seriously,its because of his love,care,support and push that I'm a proud member of STEEMIT today.
I must confess,STEEMIT is an awesome community,i look forward to making profitable connections in this community and also contribute to the growth and firmness of this community

Once again,thank you so much @Kadosh2340 for introducing me to such an amazing family. I'm forever grateful.

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Cc: @trafalgar

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