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The reality that Axie Infinity users are currently facing.

Greetings to all readers of this great platform, especially to those who make life in this great community of #ProjectHOPE, in the present opportunity I want to share with you information that goes related to the problems with the Hacker in the Sky Mavis project, and how this is affecting the users of this platform, who have resources in their Ronin wallets in WETH.

The image used is from Public Domain, Author: Katana

The katana platform continues to be closed, being the Ronin exchange platform, due to the theft of more than 600 million dollars that the Hackers took, a situation that affects users, it must be clear that when investing resources in the Ronin network, this works as an exchange bridge, and is considered as a sub layer of the ETH network, being this the main problem that users are facing today when disposing of WETH in their Ronin wallets.

Considering in a more understandable way the WETH is like a kind of a coupon that you receive at the moment of investing our ETH, which are retained as the liquidity fund in the Ronin bridge, and at the moment of leaving the project we deliver our coupons and they give us ETH again, now well to lose all the resources that are in the bridge these coupons lose their value, since there is no way to make the exchange for not having a backup.

Now, talking about the other tokens used in the project, as is the case of AXS, these still have their value, mainly because there are liquidity funds in the project, which support it and remembering that it is the governance token of the project, it may lose value if it loses the confidence of investors, a situation that is looking very likely after what happened.

On the other hand, the developers of the Sky Mavis project, are making the required efforts to recover that money, in addition they continue to advance in the development of the new game mode called Axie Infinity Origin, generating a vote of confidence in users and large investors to continue with it, today new announcements will be given in this regard, it is only a matter of waiting for the announcements to closely follow the events.

All the images used by the Author @Chucho27 are Public Domain, in each one of them you can find the source of the image.
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