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Let's talk about Stake processes in DeFi projects.

Greetings to all readers of this great platform, in this opportunity I want to share with you information related to Stake, as well as the steps to follow to perform this process in a DeFi project, being a simple but necessary process to understand to achieve any type of investment in DeFi platforms, by means of the stake of the corresponding token to make the investment.

The Stake process is the way to invest an amount of resources in a DeFi project and that they begin to generate interest, these interests can be considered as our profits obtained by making our investment during a certain period of time, taking into consideration that the capital of our investment can be variable, it will depend on whether the value of the token increases or decreases while we have our active investment.

Now I will show you how to invest in a DeFi project through Stake, for them I invite you to know this project , the first thing we must do is to connect to our TronkLink wallet, which is the wallet used in this project, as shown below.

Screenshot taken at: WoxDefi

Now we must go to the menu on the left hand side, and click on the word Stake, where a menu will appear, on the top line we must enter the amount of WoX tokens we want to send to Stake, being the WoX the token of the DeFi platform.

Screenshot taken at: WoxDefi

When we send our tokens to the stake, we can observe the amount of interest that we will be generating with the invested token, the more tokens we invest the % of interest will generate more tokens, as shown in the following image.

Screenshot taken at: WoxDefi

When we do not want to continue mining in the project, in the stake menu, the Unstake option appears, in which we can withdraw our investment, and be able to dispose of the invested tokens plus the interest generated, as shown in the last image.

Screenshot taken at: WoxDefi

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