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Consolidated DeFi applications or platforms

Greetings to all readers of this great platform, in this opportunity I would like to continue the theme of the Set, taking into consideration that it is a technology that is revolutionizing the blockchain, as well as the market of the criptomonedas, we must take into consideration that there are established platforms at the time, which can be useful for new investors that want to make any kind of investment.

Screenshot taken at: PixaBay

The first thing we must take into consideration is that DeFi platforms are those where money is invested through a process of Staking our resources, this process as many already know consists of placing resources on the platform, which generate interest for the time they are left there, which are generated in the platform token, so they should be invested in projects that can be productive.

On the other hand, there are projects DeFi that are already consolidated in the market, making reference to the fact that I have endured in a long time, in addition to the confidence of investors, and generate a token that has been able to generate a stable value in the market, which always generates full confidence in investors who come to know this type of economy.

Screenshot taken at: PancakeSwap

The project that is most consolidated in terms of DeFi projects is the PancakeSwap projects, being the central projects from which the main idea of all the DeFi that are generated in the blockchain ecosystem is born, which has managed to last for a long time, and increasingly has more solidity and confidence in terms of DeFi projects is concerned, so I invite you to review the project at the following link:

Screenshot taken at: WoxDefi

On the other hand, there is a project that is just starting but has attracted many people, mainly those of us who trust the Steemit platform and those who are part of it, who know the seriousness of our friend @xpilar, who currently develops the WoxDefi platform, seeking to generate trust over time and be a great DeFi platform, so I invite you to review the platform in general, here I share the Link:

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