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Components of the DeFi system and their importance in the personal economy.

A big hello to all the readers on this platform, 2 days ago specifically I made a post on the overview of the systems DeFi, in which we highlight the general aspects that comprise this type of system, in addition to the benefits that this can generate, as well as some risks that I mentioned in a general way, if you want more information can be found in the following article.

In this opportunity I want to talk a little about the composition of the DeFi system in general, as well as the benefits that it can generate in the personal economy, being an economy based on decentralized finance, which can generate many economic benefits to the people who are part of these systems, to improve the quality of life of each of them.

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On the other hand, when we talk about the components of this system, they are characterized by several points, among them we can show that they are formed by smart contracts, these contracts that are executed automatically when specifying the conditions established by both parties, without intermediaries and without execution risks at the moment.

In addition, it is made up of an ecosystem very different from the traditional economy, carrying out operations in an inclusive way through the use of open codes, where the most striking thing is that large paperwork is not required to access decentralized finance, so it is a process with great speed and without many problems to start.

As for the importance that this can have in the personal economy, it is made up of very low commissions to carry out the corresponding operations, so you should not spend many resources to start our projects, also eliminating intermediaries we managed to avoid extra payments of money or being scammed in some way, a very good point for the economy of people who enter this type of projects.

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To know a little more about the components of a system DeFi, I invite you to research on a project of these characteristics, which is of our friend of the platform Steemit @xpilar, project name WoxDefi, in which it may participate if it is of your liking, it is a project linked with the platform Steemit, because its developers are renowned in the platform of Steemit, here I share the link of the project with you:

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