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Today many businesses are growing and helping the economy of many people in the world. Starting from micro, small, medium and top businesses collaborate and create an ecosystem that supports the lives of people and the development of a country.

Especially for micro, small and medium enterprises, or abbreviated as MSME, become the main points in the development of the global economy. It is proven that MSME covers 90% of the world's registered businesses. This makes MSME the sector with the most contribution to the development of the global economy.

MSMEs are of concern in several regions of the world, for example in the ASEAN region (Association of Southeast East Nations). ASEAN consisting of several countries made a statement in their forum under the AEC Blueprint 2025, which states that "ASEAN has placed a great emphasis on the promotion of innovation to enable MSMEs to grow by seizing the opportunities provided by the region's economic integration."

MSMEs are the backbone of economic growth in the ASEAN region, therefore all countries in the ASEAN region agreed to sympathize and support the development of MSMEs in their region.

Indonesia as the country with the most number of MSMEs in ASEAN became the country that most supported the development of MSMEs in the ASEAN region.

Indonesia is a country where 60% of its economic growth is contributed by MSMEs. This is what makes Indonesia a country with MSMEs that have the potential to develop and grow.


Even though MSMEs are a sector that supports the development of the global economy, it is unfortunate that many entrepreneurs have difficulty developing their businesses.

This is caused by several problems, for examples such as an unhealthy business environment, government regulations, lack of data, not getting access to funding, no network in the market, and not having enough reputation to convince consumers, investors or banks.

These problems often make it difficult for businesses to develop.

Tokoin is a platform that focuses on establishing a digital business identity and the reputation of MSMEs. Tokoin aims to make MSMEs have a reputation and credibility to convince suppliers and financial institutions.

With the Tokoin partnership, it is possible for MSMEs to have a reputation that can be trusted by financial institutions. Tokoin will carefully capture and manage user data, which will be used as a mark of their reputation. With a connection owned by Tokoin, it allows MSMEs to get access to financial business services that they did not get before.

Tokoin maximizes the potential of MSMEs to manage their data. Tokoin will provide technology that will record and manage data from MSMEs. With assistance from Tokoin, MSMEs can manage their data and make it an opportunity to create more funding opportunities.

Another solution provided by Tokoin is the ability of MSMEs to get access to the various services they need. This is all thanks to Tokoin's partnership with various institutions, which allows MSMEs to take advantage of this opportunity to build their business.

With these solutions, Tokoin is a platform that will bridge MSMEs with the various services they need, which is very helpful for MSMEs that are developing their businesses. MSMEs no longer find it difficult to get funding or manage their data. By registering their business with the Tokoin partnership, they can increase their chances of getting funding, build their reputation and credibility, and many others.


Tokoin is a platform that uses blockchain technology to manage and secure user data. With the help of the blockchain, Tokoin enables operations to be carried out more quickly and efficiently.

Blockchain does not allow data manipulation, which is very important in the MSME reputation system. Tokoin uses the blockchain in data distribution, specifically Digital Identity (Business Profiles).

Tokoin in developing their blockchain technology collaborates with various platforms such as Block Crafters Capital, D.STREET, Refereum, and Tomochain.

By implementing blockchain technology, Tokoin indirectly participates in blockchain education and penetration in daily life. Which is expected that in the future more and more people will feel the power of blockchain technology.


These are some of the features provided by the Tokoin platform;

  • Lending Marketplace: Tokoin will be a matchmaker - connecting MSMEs that need funding with the Bank.
  • Crowdlending: enables MSMEs to obtain funding from multiple investors.
  • Cross-merchant Loyalty Program: SMEs can reward their customers (companies) in the form of TOKO points. These points can be exchanged for discount vouchers.
  • Product Survey / Voting: Tokoin provides services to MSMEs for broadcasting product questionnaires on Tokoin’s ecosystem.
  • Invoice-based Financing: helping MSMEs to smoothen their business cash flow.
  • Installment Buying: allows MSMEs who have limited funds to obtain the products/services they need with a history of trading activities.
  • Group Buying: this solution offers products and services at significantly reduced prices by applying quantity discounts.






TOKO are ERC-20 tokens that are issued by Tokoin and act as utility tokens. Participants will use the TOKO token as an incentive and as a prerequisite for accessing various services on the Tokoin platform.


It is planned that the TOKO will be sold in the token sales program on the KuCoin platform on August 23, 2019 (UTC + 8) at 1 TOKO = 0.02 USD.






MSMEs have become the backbone of economic growth in many countries around the world, but often MSMEs find it difficult to develop their businesses. This is due to various problems such as lack of network, lack of data, regulations, etc.

Tokoin is a platform that aims to establish business identity and reputation. With the help of Tokoin, it allows MSMEs to get access to various services, including financial services. Tokoin with its networks and partnerships, allows MSMEs to build their businesses and create opportunities that they did not have before.




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