THECRYPTOWATCH - The World’s First Crypto Wallet Watch & Hardware Designed To Secure Users' Digital Assets.



theCryptoWatch is a crypto wallet watch and hardware designed for users who care about the security of their digital assets.

TheCryptoWatch device is designed using a security system and support from an operating system that allows you to be able to transact more than 85 coins + any ERC-20 tokens.

Thus theCryptoWatch is a watch and crypto wallet hardware that is perfect for you investors or traders.


Have you ever imagined when you want to transact cryptocurrency suddenly you find that your digital wallet has been hacked by hackers? and all your assets have been transferred to another wallet without authorization from you? maybe you will faint and don't know what to do.

This case has often happened in the crypto world, the simplest reason for this case is "ignorance of users". Users often ignore the security of their digital wallets, using a device contaminated with a keylogger or malware virus. So hackers can easily duplicate the user's private key wallet.

Because many cases have started to develop hardware crypto wallets. By using hardware crypto wallet, users will be able to secure their digital assets even if they are connected to the internet.

Hardware wallets are securely programmed devices that store your private keys and never reveal them. This is what makes the crypto hardware wallet used by many people today.

But have you ever imagined that crypto wallet hardware and the beauty of a watch can be integrated into a modern and futuristic watch - This is the CryptoWatch.
theCryptoWatch is a crypto wallet watch and hardware designed to secure users' digital assets. theCryptoWatch is designed using a security system that can protect users' digital assets and is even safer than ordinary hardware crypto wallets.

Secure Element (SE) is a security feature that protects everything inside the device. This is a chip that has been designed to withstand complex attacks and can protect the hosting of applications reliably and their confidential and cryptographic data, in other words, this is the core of theCryptoWatch security.

Not only is the security, but theCryptoWatch is also supported by CWOS "the most reliable operating system in the world" which supports more than 85 coins and even any ERC-20 tokens.

This is an operating system specifically designed by the CryptoWatch that is able to protect your device from various attacks, isolate applications, and avoiding any virus-like infection. This is an operating system that is very suitable to be implemented in a hardware crypto wallet.

For specifications, theCryptoWatch device has;

Modes: analog (hands), digital (digits).
Case: Steel
Strap: Genuine Leather
Screen: LCD touch screen, 37 mm
Protection: 25 m immersion, sapphire crystal
Additional options: physical activity, pulse measurement, distance/steps/ time traveled, pulse measurement, sleep, ECG
Battery life: Li-Ion battery, up to 72 hours of battery life.

And going forward will issue a different design with different material, which matches the user's fashion.


theCryptoWatch issues a token named XCW. This token will function as a security and security token, and the plan will be sold at STO with 1 XCW ≈ 0.05 $ / 1 xcw = 0.0002 eth for the first round.



In today's era where cryptocurrency is becoming popularly traded, its security is something that should not be ignored.

theCryptoWatch "the world’s first hardware crypto wallet & watch" is something that investors or traders must have, besides its elegant design, theCryptoWatch is able to secure users' digital assets. So that the CryptoWatch is suitable for you investors and traders who prioritize security and functionality.





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