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The cryptocurrency exchange platform helps us as a medium to exchange our assets for various types of cryptocurrency or to fiat.

Kraken, Binance, Kucoin is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that is already popular among crypto-enthusiasts. They are already famous for their professionalism and good user experience.

There are many cryptocurrency exchange platforms that operate on the market, and most of them are centralized platforms and some are decentralized.

But with so many cryptocurrency exchange platforms it doesn't make the cryptocurrency exchange market better. Issues such as transaction processing speed, high-frequency trading, security, etc. are still the main focus in the cryptocurrency market.

Soraix: Switzerland. Global. Secure

Some platforms appear with different approaches from popular platforms in solving problems in the cryptocurrency market. One of them is Soraix.

Soraix is ​​a registered and licensed equity token and cryptocurrency exchange platform in Switzerland. The goal of Soraix is ​​to radically change traditional stock exchanges to become more modern, secure, and faster with tokenization through blockchain technology. Goodbye to the old technology and welcome to the blockchain.

Soraix will prove that in the future private or public companies can get access to funding easily through Soraix equity tokens and an exchange platform that is better than similar platforms, which meet user needs.

The Soraix Team are professionals who are familiar with the cryptocurrency market. They know what are the problems and what is needed by a trader or investor. Especially for traders, Soraix is ​​a place built by traders for traders. The team from Soraix strives to adapt and assimilate to the needs of traders. Every inch and user experience is highly considered, so users can be comfortable using Soraix.

In the future, Soraix will continue to update technology and common problems found on many trading platforms, so that Soraix can operate and serve users better.


Equity Tokens:
Soraix will also offer a broad network of equity tokens (issued by public and private companies offering their tokens on Soraix) available to be traded on the Soraix platform.

Dedicated Blockchain:
Similar to the popular exchange platform, Soraix built its blockchain technology. Which will significantly reduce costs and make operations more efficient.

Social Trading:
Soraix allows users to copy trade portfolios from others, with this the user can increase their chances of getting profit from the cryptocurrency market.

Leverage & More:
Same as trading platforms in general, Soraix has features of leverage, margin calls and swaps for advanced users.

Token Offerings:
Private and public companies can raise funds through the Soraix platform by issuing their equity tokens that can be traded on the Soraix exchange.

Swiss Security:
Switzerland is famous for their laws that are flexible with the world of technology, especially blockchain. Thus, users do not need to worry about their security in using the Soraix service.

Revenue Sharing:
Users have the opportunity to get revenue sharing through equity tokens issued by the Soraix platform.

Global Reach:
For better user experience, Soraix will be available in a variety of languages ​​including English, Japanese, Russian, Chinese (Mandarin & Cantonese), and others.






Problems that occur in the world of cryptocurrency such as security, transaction speed, efficiency, etc. inhibit the penetration of cryptocurrency into human daily life and create a bad reputation for digital assets to the public.

Soraix is a platform that pays attention to this problem. And is committed to presenting a cryptocurrency exchange platform and equity tokens that will meet user needs. It is hoped that Soraix will make digital images and reputation better and more acceptable to the public so that the penetration of cryptocurrency into human daily life can be achieved.




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