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ince it was first discovered by Satoshi, Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency at the moment. Bitcoin succeeded in popularizing digital assets called by the name "cryptocurrency". With cryptocurrency, people can trade to anyone and anywhere anonymously, quickly and safely.

Not only that, cryptocurrency (not all cryptocurrency) is a digital asset that allows users to do mining, like digging gold in a mine with a computer. The miners will be rewarded each time they manage to crack code from the transaction. Therefore many people have begun to mine cryptocurrency with their computers until now.

But of course this is not easy, they have to prepare the hardware to start mining. Not to mention the cost of electricity, places, internet connections, and other needs often become a problem for cryptocurrency miners.

Therefore several companies came up with the idea of ​​providing mining tools to cryptocurrency miners or called cloud mining. They don't need to think about the internet, electricity, places, etc. They just need to sit and monitor their tools.

Cloud mining is a solution for those who want to mine cryptocurrency but do not want to be bothered with problems such as hardware, internet costs, electricity, etc. Cloud mining companies will do their job and users only need to monitor through their user panel.

All users need is to buy a number of mining contracts. The greater the hash rate they buy, the more cryptocurrency they get. This efficiency and convenience make cloud mining widely used by cryptocurres.



Cloud mining does make it easy for cryptocurrency miners, but there are problems that are often faced by miners. The following are the problems;

  • Uptime: This is the most annoying problem when using a cloud mining platform, which is the uptime. Cloud mining platforms that often experience downtime cause huge losses for users.
  • Fees: Many cloud mining platforms make high fees for each transaction.
  • Support: When users are confused or have problems with the services they use, the role of support services is very important. However, many cloud mining platforms do not provide this feature.
  • Payouts: Many cloud mining platforms do not provide daily payouts features to ts.



Hashmart is a mining platform that provides direct access to the pool of its technological resources. Users do not need to be tired to setup, etc. - Hashmart will do it all, from providing hardware to maintenance. All that was done with no extra fees involved. So the user actually pays according to the contract.

Hashmart provides cloud mining services with technological benefits without commission-free withdrawals. So users mine cryptocurrency with the benefits without any limits. Users only need to monitor the static of their income and estimated earnings from the user panel.

For now, Hashmart only provides mining contracts for bitcoin, but Hashmart will add Ethereum and other contracts in the nearest future. So users can expand their income from mining cryptocurrency.

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Hashmart's vision is to make cloud mining available to everyone. The spirit of decentralization brought by Satoshi for the first time when introducing bitcoin encouraged Hashmart to provide low-cost cryptocurrency mining services with maximum performance.

Hashmart has data centers located in Siberia, with hardware using the latest ASIC chip models that encourage hardware to work better. BITMAIN is trusted as a platform that provides technology solutions to Hashmart - BITMAIN is a company that designs application-specific integrated circuit chips for bitcoin mining with years of experience. Devices that work will be water-cooled and immersion-cooling technology, which many companies have trusted to cool their servers. All of this is specifically provided to enhance the user experience.

Of course, with all this, users will benefit and feel valued. The following are the benefits of using Hashmart;

  • Hashrate: Hashmart has a large hash rate, which is 15.5 Ph / s
    available to users.
  • Uptime: Uptime is the most important thing from the cloud mining platform. Hashmart has 99.97% uptime, which makes it competitive compared to similar platforms.
  • Commission: Hashmart does not charge a commission for each withdrawal, in other words, 0% - no commissions for withdrawals.
  • Support: When users need help or something else, the Hashmart support team that works 24/7 will help them professionally.
  • Mining starts immediately after payment: After the user makes a payment for the mining contract they ordered, Hashmart will immediately start mining.
  • Fees: Hashmart is committed to providing low-cost services to users. There are no fees for the services they use.
  • Payouts: Customers who want to do daily payouts can select it via the settings in the user panel.
  • No need to buy equipment: no equipment or anything. Simply order, pe.


ath It

Many banks and experts predict that cryptocurrency will fall and the platforms involved will fall, including cloud mining platforms. But all of that is only a prediction! We do not know what their intentions are. They may feel worried about the development of cryptocurrencies that are starting to threaten their business.

If they say cryptocurrency will fall, why do big companies like Facebook, MasterCard, Lyft, etc. want to make cryptocurrency with the name Libra? this states that the cryptocurrency market will continue to run and grow.

However, what about cryptocurrency mining is it still worth it? the answer is probably or rather depends on many factors. But despite all that, cryptocurrency mining is still profitable but it depends on the calculation and experience of miners.

If you want to mine with the help of hardware, internet, electricity and the place you provide, then to get $ 95.30 per month is with the help of Antminer S9 SE for $ 622, the power consumption of 1.28 kWh. Estimated to get $ 1000 per month is with the help of nine Antminer S9 SE ($ 5598). However, this does not include shipping costs and maintenance costs.

But, when talking about cloud mining this will be different. To get $ 100 per month you must order hashing power at Hashmart.io with 12 months, for $ 1300. It sounds more expensive than buying the Antminer S9 SE, which costs $ 622. But you will not be bothered with maintenance costs, electricity, internet, etcwill get
$ 100 ne
$ 100 net. This is what makes cloud mining one of the best options to diversify your investment portfolio. And it should be noted that the results will change depending on the price of bitcoin and don't put all your eggs in one basket! Buy Bitcoin and Hashmart.io cloud mining contracts to stay profitable in thn.



Hashmart is a company that has a vision to make cloud mining available to everyone. In the future, cryptocurrency is predicted to be used by people to buy their needs, such as goods or food. The cryptocurrency penetration that began to enter the daily life of humans, makes Hashmart more confident to present a convenient and simple cloud mining service that is affo everyone.

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