CANLEAD - The Decentralised Opportunity Sharing Platform



Canlead is a decentralized platform that aims to disrupt a global recruitment market with a sharing economy business model. By using sharing economy model business enables users to get commissions from every colleague, acquaintance, etc they refer.

Not only that, there are several features that Canlead has. But now we are only focusing on sharing economy.

Canlead is a platform that is fully supported by blockchain technology, which makes it a decentralized platform that will have built-in incentives for participants who are safe and has no single point of failure.



Canlead tries to introduce a business sharing economy model in this industry. By implementing this business model, it allows participants to feel profitable and valued for their efforts.

The sharing economy has been implemented on many platforms, for example, Uber, Spotify, etc. According to the Statista source, many services have exploded the popularity of recent years with many expecting this trend to continue, with the total value of the global economy. dollars by 2025, from only 15 billion U.S. dollars in 2014.


Canlead targets the global recruitment market. According to the data, the current capitalization of the global recruitment market is $ 1.1 T. This is a very large number and continues to grow every year. Canlead intends to disrupt this market, by offering a better solution to problems, such as referral systems, commissions, and so on.



Canlead implements blockchain technology on its platform. The blockchain technology that is transparent, safe and decentralized, allows every data or transaction to be recorded and stored in a ledger that cannot be changed by anyone.

Canlead wants to present an innovation where everyone feels safe, especially Canlead has an incentive system where transparency and security are needed.

Problems Canlead solving with the blockchain;

  • Tokenising opportunities based on the Canlead Opportunity Sharing Economy Model.
  • Monetizing social networks and reputation through sharing and earning.
  • Solving proof of opportunity and referral.
  • Adding transparency and reducing opportunity wastage in a multi-billion dollars’ market.
  • Providing access to the higher quality of talents globally at lower costs.
  • Reducing complexity in payment, cross-border payment, billing, and settlement.


CanLead is a decentralized opportunity sharing platform where users can interact as a source of opportunity. An ecosystem where each participant collaborates and works together within a network of interconnected peers.

It is hoped that CanLead will bring innovation to the global recruitment industry. Where each participant is presented with a system that is better, smarter, and fairer. A system where everyone can become a referrer - earn commission and credit for helping friends, colleagues, and acquaintances connect for mutual benefits.

CanLead is a solution, an innovative system that empowers participants in it, an innovation that is currently expected in the global recruitment market. The solution offered by CanLead effectively changed the $ 642 billion recruitment industry which currently has many gaps and problems. It's time to say goodbye to the old system and start with new innovations.








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