BLOCKSAFE - Securing The Blockchain Ecosystem: Wallets, Exchanges and Private Blockchains



Blockchain is a revolutionary technology and is starting to be popularly implemented in various industries in the world. By implementing the blockchain, a platform can secure their data and streamline the process.

But on the blockchain implementation, often platforms experience problems regarding security caused by hackers. For example, $ 1.1 billion in the first six months of 2018, the DAO Ethereum project was hacked, the hackers stole were nearly $ 150 million, and many other cases.

The security of the blockchain needs to be improved so that users can feel safe and protected when using this technology. And problems like this can be avoided in the future.


BlockSafe Technologies is a platform that cares about the security of blockchain technology. BlockSafe is trying to make blockchain technology as safe as possible.

The solutions offered by BlockSafe are CryptoDefenderTM, ExchangeDefenderTM, and BlockchainDefenderTM. With these three solutions, BlockSafe is sure to make blockchain technology safe in its implementation.


CryptoDefender is a service provided by BlockSafe to secure users' PCs and smartphones from various attacks or hackers. This service has several features;

  • Keystroke Encryption: Prevents malware from spying on what you type
  • Clipboard copy protection: Malware prevents from monitoring the clipboard to spy on, copy and paste the contents of the clipboard.
  • Anti-screen capture: Prevents screen-scraping malware from taking screenshots of information surreptitiously.
  • Anti-Clickjacking: Displays hidden frames originating from a potentially malicious domain.
  • Secure Keyboard: Prevents the OS and malware from logging your keystrokes.
  • Secure Browser: Is a custom, secure locked-down browser that prevents the storage of cookies and other malware artifacts.
  • Password / Data Vault: Enables the AES-256 encrypted storage of passwords, keys, and data.
  • Strong Password Generator: This creates strong passwords based on user-defined preferences, and then stores them in the Password Vault for future usage.


Hackers often target exchange platforms because they judge that many exchange platforms ignore the security of their platform and only prioritize their profit.

ExchangeDefender will work to secure the platform exchanger from attacks or malware caused by hackers. This service has several features;

  • Out-of-Band - #, PIN, OTP, Voice
  • Out-of-Band Push - Accept / Deny, PIN, and/or Fingerprint
  • Mobile Tokens - iOS, Android, Desktop Tokens - PC / Mac / Linux
  • OTP Delivery to Phone via SMS, Voice, Email, and/or Push
  • Hard Tokens - Key Fob, USB Key, and/or Wallet Cards


The Blockchain Defender is designed by BlockSafe to act as a gateway between the application and a private blockchain. It examines every message, the checks if it is allowed per enterprise rules & policy, the contents of the data fields for malware and authenticates transactions via the ProtectID® system.

This service has several features;

  • Authentication of blockchain transactions
  • Rules & Policy Engine to define how messages are processed
  • Content Scanner to stop malware before it enters the blockchain
  • Load Balancer & DDoS Mitigator balance traffic and shields the blockchain


We believe that we are the only company with a comprehensive solution!


BSAFE is an ERC-20 token issued by the BlockSafe platform and acts as a fuel that supports the operation of BlockSafe. This token is planned to be sold at STO for $ 0.50.



In modern times security and privacy are priorities and cannot be tolerated anymore. Many cases have occurred in cyberspace due to hackers' actions and caused huge losses.

BlockSafe Technologies is a platform that pays attention to the security and privacy of users in the cyber world when using blockchain technology. It is expected that in the future with BlockSafe Technologies services, blockchain technology security can increase so that the occurrence of loss of assets or other crimes caused by hackers can be minimized and even eliminated.






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