STEEMWOMEN CLUB | Our Morning Routine with my child | 4/29/2021

Hello my fellow steemians, Have a good day. Today i just want to shared our morning routine with my child.



This morning we wake up in the morning with my child, first thing that we do in the morning i use to talk my child like baby talk, and after that i prepare her bath time and eating time.



Me and my partner we bathed her first, I can do it if it's just me thats why i need my partner to bath our child.



After that i will dress her up, first thing that i do is put diaper make sure that her diaper is crowded, then her dress then i put her lotion in her body to feel soft and fresh.






After i dress up my child, its time to feed her, for me i used baby bottles cause i dont have enough breastmilk i feel so sad cause its many nutriens to breastfeed, but its okay to used formula it has nutriens but its not a hundred percent.



This time after feeding he was drowsy after i feed her, I wake her up when I put her to sleep, at this time she falls asleep its time to do my thing, i wash her clothes and to clean her bottle, and after her its me time to do all my things.


It is not easy to be a mother, because you have to take care of her baby needs to be healthy, she need you what ever it takes, you can see her grow up well, you're happy. Thats why I do not regret that I had a child early, I was happy when she came because she was a blessing from the Lord. I love being a mother and I will love her with all my heart.

Thank you @cryptokannon @steemwomenclub @steemcurator01 @steemcuration @booming @booming01to the people behind this platform and for always supporting us. Godbless

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I love seeing the baby's smile when taking a shower. He seems very cheerful. May he always be healthy and grow with love from his dear mother @christymarie

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