Message for my baby girl


Hi baby girl i'm happy to see you smiling you make people happy here at home you are our happiness.



I hope that when you grow up you will be a happy child, you will be healthy, you will be kind, I will teach you how to be respectful to the elderly and respect me as your mother.



You know it's not a joke to take care of you because you're still a very woman but mama can handle it because I love you, I won't get tired of taking care of you because you're so cute, mama can't help but cry.


You, my child, be happy when you grow up, you are the gift to papa god, I love you so much. i love you my ELIANNA CHLOE.

Thank you to the people behind this platform and for always supporting us. Godbless


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Hi @christymarie thanks for sharing, and I wish all the best for you and your little baby girl!

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01.05.2021 05:06

Thank you sir :)

01.05.2021 10:21

Her smile make me happy too. Hopefully Elianna will be a child who can make her parents proud in the future

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01.05.2021 08:09

Oh thank you soo much sis :)

01.05.2021 10:22