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Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park 13.jpg
One of Fema's friends was at Eden Nature Park

FORWARD: This post was initially written on October 28th, 2017 but I am now uploading it to the Steem blockchain via @engrave on My main website is now

Together as a family we visited Eden Nature Park with Ate Talanga and Ate Bebe.

On the drive over we listened to Ed Sheeren and some of the latest 2017 music mixed up on a USB. The view at the park is spectacular, at least for someone like me who is used to seeing houses and commercial buildings.

The park had some horses inside so the kids and I went horseback riding for the first time. It was a short ride but was long enough to breathe in the fresh air and get a feel of what it's like to ride a horse.

I also captured some stolen shots of the family, we ate spaghetti as a group and took selfies with baby Zac before ending our day with new memories and a fun time. I hope everyone enjoyed the trip as much as I did. Thank you for reading and I hope you like the pictures.

Eden Nature Park 8.jpg
Gathering for a mini-dinner.

Eden Nature Park 11.jpg
Ate Langa, Mama & Ate Bebe.

Eden Nature Park 4.jpg
I'm riding a horse here.

Eden Nature Park 5.jpg
Jake @abello is riding a horse here.

Eden Nature Park 7.jpg
@renz.rubio is riding a horse here.

Eden Nature Park 6.jpg
Jan-jan is riding a horse here.

Eden Nature Park.jpg
@emafe's Dad is riding the swing here.

Eden Nature Park 2.jpg
Mama is riding the swing here

Eden Nature Park 12.jpg
@emafe is hanging out at the playground.

Eden Nature Park 14.jpg
Baby @zaclucas with his Tatay.

Chris Emafe and Zac Rice.jpg

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