The impact of any platform to the people is the measure of benefits they are able to derive both directly and indirectly. Right now, there are lot of issues affecting us today and one of them is the expensiveness of the energy we consume on a daily basis. That is also an issue in the cryptoworld today if we consider the way mining bis done and how much energy is consumed. The expenses is also a big deal that vectorium has come to the rescue through its innovation. This platform introduces a special solution to energy solution that makes power sustainable and produced in a large quantity.


This platform brings a way to generate energy from non carbon source to add value to the industry and to the people who will be the beneficiaries of it. The intelligence of the digital ledger will be a force to make the idea of generating power from waste, wind and other natural source possible because the equipment needed will be supplied and will be sustained for a long time. So we can see this project as one that is new and have been well planned for by the team behind it.

The aim is to make biomass useful element that can be compiled and made the best use of. Then it will have AI involved in this with the digital ledger backing it up and making the process very feasible and distributed.


Talking of the features that make up the platform, they are the necessary components that cannot be avoided when this platform is concerned.

  • One of the feature is the Vectorium Flash which which is a minable currency for all users in this ecosystem. Since they will involved in the mining process, the coin is important and has a security characteristics which it confers on users in the ecosystem.
  • The Waste-to-coin feature is another components which facilitates the production of energy in this platform. This is a strategy that makes digital money useful in the aspect of producing power from waste. This Waste-to-coin is a components that makes vectorium able to create its power from substances like methane, from waste matter, plants and be able to exchange the energy to change the way power is used and distrubuted all over the world. This will make a new pathway created to grow the digital ledger with mining activity that has been improved on account of this solution that is eco-friendly and less expensive for all.
  • The vector frameworks is a main provision for a stable RAM that serves the mining process. It will also supports the main PoW structure for users to effectively utilize the energy provided without losing their ASIC ranches.
  • The digital money and sustainable power is produced in this ecosystem with the vectorium consortiums of this platform. This factor will help reinforce the platform to perform its operations and make use of the AI tech the same way to improve on the techique.


In this platform, exchange is done in the ecosystem in a very simple and fast way. There is no delay in this process whatsoever and users are safe in it.

The flash can be mined I the network pools by the independent users.

The Flash is meant to serve the function of opposing the ASIC pool containers. It will be used for different purposes in all parts of the world.


The token is represented by the VCTP symbol and is necessary for all users to own so they can have all the services provided by the platform. The token can be purchased by the potential investors and they can build their fortunes with it in the platform. The token sales and distribution has already started and has ended but it is still present in exchanges to be gotten by users with its price still the same.

As an investor, this is the platform to trust with ur funds between, there are bonuses available and set aside to give to the investors as they form a part of it. The value of the network is determined by the token which place an important role in the production of the renewable power and all that is done in this tform.

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Just as it has been established that the main purpose of this platform is to ensure the production of a renewable source of energy through the integration of digital assets. All it will do will involve the contributions of the AI in the community, all following the right approach and enriching consumers of power with the cheapest resources. There is no doubt that this platform will thrive and establish its core vision in the crypto space.

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