Out of the very large number of cryptocoins in the ledger chain, the major challenges which investors have had to face over and over again is the ability to choose the ones that are serious and we'll planned. That has not always been easy for them to do since so many projects disguise to be something they are not and this is not always known until they have accomplished their mission. The good and transparent project are scarce and it takes a very professional and experienced investor to recognize them. But since the public ledger chain is not made to be enjoyed by only a few, there is need to be other investments have a way of knowing programs that is safe to invest in and the ones to run from. So for that to be achieved, a smartcontracts based investment project known as $mart fund is created.


This program has come with a unique solution that will make investors good to go with any DApp project because this ecosystem itself is a distrubuted DApp that has great potential. This program has $mart fund and has invested in some good number of dApps which will definitely yield returns. There is a voting system in this platform that is the core of its functions. It uses the best smartcontracts and a token which is responsible for all its activities or operations especially those that has hot something to do with the investors. It was intentional built on the ethereum system and as a distrubuted project has a great profit model and a real time dividends features that is a form of reward to users. The voting is a very powerful feature in this platform because of the importance and how it helps to keep the investors on the right track always.



The $FD functions to activate a smartcontracts to take up a proposal made by an investor. Having as low as 1% of the $FD is enough for this purpose and with that voting can be made to validate the investments. To vote becomes very easy with the $FD and the voting usually commence immediately the proposal is made to be finished after 3 days. This is how it is done in the system and that initiation can be done by any Investor in the system because all they need to do is initiate the proposal and leave the rest of the work to the voting team to decide the fate of the project and to give a decision of investing or otherwise. Smartcontracts will automatically be triggered when the support rate of a platform is more than 10% and then the Investors can proceed with investments as controlled by the smartcontracts.

The overall stepwise process is very simple and all starts from the proposal, then to the voting and then it all ends in investing in the distrubuted economy. The process is mostly done automatically. It is a spontaneous process that can only be done successfully in the distrubuted network other than other types of projects where there is no voting or plans made before investments is done.

This innovation however targets special dApps and not just any type. The ones that can be accepted or considered by this platform are the ones with special criterias that meets some specific requirements that is almost similar to its own. Its targeted project must be based on Ethereum, must make use of smartcontracts and also work on a profitable model and that covers all their activities on the public ledger chain and what they are used for.

Since there has to be such model with those qualities, the platforms must have great exchanges that are distrubuted and they must generate their revenues from the transactions fees. They must also possess simple pools for mining and transaction fees coming from there as well. It must also be a distrubuted network for mining.



Other projects can be in control of the ledger chain games and be in Charge of the Fomo3D with special advantages and things to look forward to in them.

The major thing it fights for herr is profitability and advantages in investments. Once that is made possible the Investors won't have issues with the cryptocommunity and investing in DApps will become easier.

Website: http://1smart.fund/
Whitepaper: https://1smartfund.github.io/static/$mart_Investment_Ecology.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/onesmartfund
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fund_smart
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onesmartfund/

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