Since people are geared towards making money more than anything else, they tend to focus more on things that brings them the pay rather than things they can derive pleasure or entertainment in. Gambling use to provide the two objectives of entertainment and profit until the industry became affected with some factors that knocked some of its passionate enthusiasts away. Many effort to revive the sector and restore it to the way it was before failed and now it is like people are already giving up on gambling to do some other things. Meanwhile, considering that playing games is a part of human activities that is loved by so many, a group of expert team on the blockchain has united to remodify gambling through the creation of an online profitable gaming community called TRONscratch.

WHAT IS TRONscratch?

TRONscratch is a very interesting platform to participate in and play games on. It expresses a p2p networks and uses a decentralised DApp which gives all users access to the fun games and also to mining of the token. Those that are familiar with the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS game will see a new dimension of it online through this gambling network. All players can make use of their mobile devices to function in this ecosystem that has the aim of introducing profitability and fun to all the players in the industry. Examples of the games played in this ecosystem includes the dart game, checkers, X and O game, Goofspiel and even the ROCK PAPER SCISSORS game. All these games are interesting and can be played between two or more players that have successfully staked and know what the game rules are.


This game is very common and preferred by so many of the players. Usually, it is played in the offline setup but now technology has finally has it way by designing its program in the DApp of this innovation such that it works the same way it is done offline. Playing this game requires the knowledge of the rules and how they paper rock or scissors hand is formed. When this game is played, the user that play a paper when another plays rock wins. The one that plays a scissors when the other plays paper losses while the player who plays rock when the other plays scissors wins. When both plays the same object simultaneously, that is considered a draw and a rematch can be run.



This process covers how to play all the games in this ecosystem, how to earn tokens as rewards and how to engage in the mining operations.

Users must first install the TronLink app on their devices be it Android or PC devices.

Connecting the games in the app to the browser in the chosen device.

The chrome browser is recommended especially when PCs are to be used. Also, users must visit to download and install the wallet to get their addresses from it. This Tronwallet will be the destination of their rewards when they mine or win games.

The next thing is to learn how to play all the games before even starting to bet with other users. After this, they can choose the game to play and have just 20 secs to make their wins.

When two players bet, the winner goes away with 90% of it leaving what is left to the other player. When the match is a draw, 3% of the token staked by each party goes to the network as its revenue or as a fee for mining.


This is used to regulate the activities in the project. It functions when users want to play games and mine. Getting this currency is what should be aimed at after installing the app. It makes proper incentives available for users when mining and gives room for staking.

At the level mining stage, a total volume of 10 million TAC would be pre mined and then inorder to counter balance any shift in the value later on 1 million of the TAC are set aside. This would help retain its value and maintain orderliness in the network. Some of the TAC however, will be burned off to achieve price stability every month as soon as it is launched. So it means that the team would be actively involved in buying back all TAC due to be burned to do what is needed.



There are different packages for staking designed already all users will do is to choose whatever package and ensure they have enough TAC to stake in order to get rewards. In the gaming sector, players will be safer when they participate and enjoy all what is available in TRONscratch.

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