If you are still missing out on Tokoin, this is what you should be updated about. The just launched TOKO token's value has gone several times higher than its initial value after it became live on the Kucoin exchange and that has sped up the rate of completion of the Kucoin fifth spotlight's program where it was revealed and traded by the first group of traders. This took place om the 23rd of August, just about 4 days ago and people all over social media platforms are still in awe of how a new project could be so promising. Its continuous growth up to this moment has made some of its users on twitter tweet saying TOKO has brought them to the moon within such a short period and the best part is that all they have seen is just the tip of the iceberg. Just yesterday it was seen to move from the 6th position of the ROI performance projects ranked on the cryptorank to 5th at the moment and there is no doubt it might still go all the way to the top in no time.

Now it has started executing all its plans to help all the MSMEs in Indonesia that are currently facing great problems through its partnership program with a big e-commerce company there. It is actively engaging with them and gaining fast popularity among the e-commerce merchants in Indonesia.


Now if you ask major crypto enthusiasts, the good news about the sale of TOKO token is what they are now obsessed with and they are on guard to make the best of this moment while it last. Many investors who have waited for so long before hearing about its listing on Kucoin are extremely glad it could make it to such a popular exchange and the fact that it has even achieved more greatness afterwards makes it a blessing.

The project however has done its first and second round of sale of the TOKO token immediately after it came live on Kucoin for all the traders to participate in the purchase. The first round was opened for those traders who formed a part of the KCS lockup program and those who held at least 1000 KCS. The target for the token sale was reached and then the first purchase round ended to give way to the second phase which was even more rapid because more traders were allowed to trade the token. Some of the traders in the first round got the token through lucky tickets won which gave them 500USDT worth of the TOKO token. About 600 traders secured the token through this lucky tickets but unfortunately, the same thing was not repeated in the second phase.


Then the second purchase round had those who couldn't be a part of the first and TOKO worth 700,000 USD was allocated the same day which is on the 23rd. Now the two purchase phases are closed but the token is now opened for all to get on the Kucoin exchange.

Actually there is more to achieve by this project but surely as we keep our fingers crossed to witness more of its milestone we will stand to benefit from it.


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