Achieving the advancement of the cryptocurency space has been tied to so many factors like overcoming the challenges of many of the platforms that have existed before as well as the blockchain networks that have suffered so many limitations. The infosec innovation all that responsibility weighing down on it as long as it had planned to build a better innovation without any of the problems but with better technological tools that can greatly improve the level of adoption of the digital assets as great instrument of finance. TEMTUM as a suitable payment coin is able to do this as an independent platform that is mindful of the environmental safety and the plights of the users. TEMTUM therefore represents a reliable payment coin for financiaI freedom and safety.


This platform can be considered a resourceful project with so much difference and contributions to the digital world. It is a coin that is made to serve users in the crypto space and the real world as a payment coin for businesses and individuals as it has overcome the stress associated with the conventional currencies. It demands lesser resources and is definitely very fast when it comes to using it as a global currency. This Tem coin is a great wallet to wallet coin that is very safe with a robust technological structure underlying it for the benefits of the users and all other people that has an ambition in the vast cryptocurency world. The use of the existing platforms have brought so many limitations which overwhelmed the system. Now great opportunities will be opened as the limitations are surpassed thus making all p2p networks free in a way and adopted freely for important operations.


TEMTUM has brought about a way to achieve digital transformation as well as the exchange of great value with the perfect connection of users through their devices plus the extended decentralised technology that have a great impact in the community. This has to do with all forms of devices that is connected to the internet, all having great benefits and functions to play as a part of temtum in addition to their benefits as they find their relevance. With this, all those that have been secluded from the vast ledger system will again be reached.


  • This platform is strong enough for the purpose it was intended to fulfill with the consensus algorithm it use and the temporal system. This plays a major role in this platform as the temporal system aligns nodes for the archiving of different data used to optimize the need for storage in the network. This is also to support all the transactions made whether it is a recent one or past, saving the breakdown of the entire system and bringing about data validation.


  • TEMTUM blockchain will be providing adequate storage space that nodes and improving the resourcefulness at the same time. This will help bring about the use of master node, better than what other existing system can offer with other great benefits as it lauches with all of these capabilities.
  • Short term storage of data is achieved through TEMTUM on all its nodes in an effective way. This is therefore maintained and made to portray a good integrity about the platform as well as all the details of many operations conducted on the blockchain.

Devices that consumes lesser energy is used for the storage of data to minimize the wastage of resources or the cost associated with the provision of energy. This brings higher throughput when the algorithm is used and helps the system to establish a perfect connection with users. So there is no disadvantage to one's participation in temtum as it runs on a perfect innovation with a greater capacity than any platform that must have been around before it. All that is needed is the devices that are constantly connected to the net to serve as the basic prerequisite to power the platform. All other things are just in place to serve their purposes and bring out the great power of decentralisation.



This platform has been tested on a wide range of devices and it has proved so wonderful with them even as it consumes lesser amount of power. The model is definitely classy and effective from what the trail has given. So it is very possible to deduce that it is a great storage platform for all kinds of data with the nodes it presents for use with lesser power consumption. It has also brought about a higher level of transaction throughput with the use of a productive PoS rather than PoW. TEMTUM can never let users down in any way, it is just made perfect, needing nothing else to improve payments and use of cryptocoins.

Website: https://temtum.com/
Whitepaper: https://temtum.com/downloads/temtum-whitepaper.pdf
Telegram: https://t.me/temtumcommunity
Twitter: https://twitter.com/wearetemtum
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wearetemtum

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