Sport which is a universal language has been in existence for so long and it has been an activity for entertaining the general public globally. It is an avenue for talented players to display what they have and get the support of the big fish in the industry. However, there is need to decentralise this sector so that other talented players can find the platform to grow and be seen by desirable clubs that might be interested in having deals with them, this is why such a project as this is needed to create a fair sporting community where; scouting can be done to raise other talented players that will eventually contribute to the industry, fans can be rewarded for their support and given a platform where they can easily interract with their clubs or favorite players and to raise trustworthy agents who will be fair enough with the clubs and how they function in the industry.


The platform has the intention of solving the existing issues in the sport community globally and how athletes are being managed. This has made it team up with the agents that have been in the game for a long time. The team itself is made of those that are experienced in the sector such that they can give wise judgement to improve on the activities. The growth of the sport market has been very rapid for some years now, and that has lead to the increase in the population of fans all over the world. This platform seeks to address the problems in the common sports like baseball, football, cricket, golf and other types that would be focused on later on. This platform controls the change in the industry through the two types of token used in it.



The WINT and WIKEN. Both are interchangeable to each other and determines how users get along with the project. While the WINT token can be purchased from the listed exchanges, users can still acquire more of it as a result of their activities in the ecosystem like when they browse the information of an agent if player in the platform. Those with the WINT token can easily convert it to the WIKEN which is not listed in any exchange. Any activities outside the ecosystem can be done with WINT in contrast to WIKEN.


The WITH app is designed to serve users which will include the fans, athletes in the system and agents. As an athlete, one can have all the necessary information about the details of previous transfers, injuries sustained, medical information, and how they have grown within a space of time uploaded in the app for them to be valued accordingly and paided the right amount of WINT token for the details they have shared. This process is done using the set algorithm which puts them in the right position to be connected with clubs who might be in need of their skills.

On the other hand, fans will be given the curative space to create contents about the recent happenings in the sport market from the app. They will be able to share their opinions or news to the platform through the app after which they will be paid with the WINT token based on the level of engagement with other fans on their posts. The WITH app encourages the involvement of the fans in the community and makes them able to harness it even more by providing communicative blogs where their contents can be uploaded.

In this platform, the WINT token will be made to serve either or all of these functions as determined by users.

  • Holders can get any information they seek from the ecosystem as provided by other fans, athletes or clubs when they have WINT. The validation of the information provided to solicitors is ensured so as to avoid spending token unnecessarily. However, every user stand the chance to get back their WINT should the information they got is false.
  • Since curators of contents will be present and actively providing useful contents in the ecosystem, they might choose to charge readers or consumers of their contents any amount deemed fit by them before accessing their materials.
  • It isn't just enough having just the WINT and using it while forgetting about the other native token WIKEN. Users can convert the WINT they have to WIKEN in a much more better way than converting from tokens to points. This will help them do much more in the ecosystem.



This article is more like a summary of what this project offers or is all about. Its involvement in the present sport market will bring benefits to agents, fans and also the players or athletes that actively participate in it.

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