A cryptocurency user is never satisfied without getting the complete services they should enjoy in the cryptocommunity. Many times some even end up becoming frustrated about a service that wasn't well delivered to them while trading or trying to use other features in the digital ledger. The inadequacies in the operations of many exchanges has brought them down and also cost some traders their funds. All these are what keeps going on and on everytime with no defined system to remedy this challenges. It was because of the incumbent problems people faced while they were with the traditional banks that the first ever cryptoassets was created. Bitcoin tried to make it up to users with a peer to peer method of operation as users used it on the digital ledger but on the long run ithe perfection it brought could no longer be sustained. That was why some other platforms were created to assist in meeting up with tge demands of users but unfortunately all their solutions amounted to only little and not so much of the existing problems could be handled. But how can higher level of scalability be introduced into the digital ledger again, how can users have more transparency in services and also be secured when they make any transaction? This is the question many traders have asked themselves severally without any way out for them. However, hackers have also learnt to leverage on the disabilities of the digital ledger to launch their attacks on the naive traders and investors that are not threading their paths carefully like the experienced ones. There is still hope for users with the use of cryptocoins due to the fact that the assets is gaining more popular and it is having an advantage of being useful on and outside the digital network for w while. The only platform that can work on the default of the vast ledger network is the Pointpay network with great financiaI solution for all users who decides to use or follow its dictates the PointPay.


Pointpay innovation is introducing a platform that combines all the activities of crypto in its single network. It is created to solve the long faced problems of investors and inclined towards providing perfect banking services for users that will love to transfer funds or use other banking features without going through the existing banking system at all. This will cover all online services and the payment of money using both fiats and cryptocurencies. It also brings the multiple wallet advantage that makes all types of assets useful and storable for people that have in their past times suffered from the difficulties in using other types of assets. However, it will serve exchange functions as well, this function will keep its members in check as to how to track carefully and successfully without falling into errors. It stand to provide them with information about the market to keep them ahead and in positions of advantage always as they dwell in the digital world. It will gather different range of users from all sectors of the world due to its effectiveness in services. Meanwhile, it has already setup a network that will constantly keep them connected with themselves no matter where they are in the world. This platform uses a standard utility token for all its activities with the users. This token ensures the stability of every activities in this platform, having its standard on the ethereum network as an ERC-20 token makes it perfect for what the team aims to achieve. This token is ticked PXP, moreover it will soon become very popular and generally accepted by everyone that desired to build a perfect relationship with cryptocoins and the services in it. This network is by far better than so many blockchain system because of the very valuable PXP token and the various demands of users it is able to meet. All its services would be combined to form a better community of digital assets in the market.


The major products featured in this platform all contribute to the process of revolution Pointpay is building.

✓ Firstly, the Pointpay crypto bank product allows users to request and get loans to support their businesses, it offers them services with very low transaction fees to be paid, it enhances their mobile online banking operations, transactions made in this platform is made faster with this feature, they can have loans in both fiats and PXP tokens and participate in forex trading activities with their assets.

✓ The Pointpay Exchange offers the users with every support they could need whether in fiats or crypto. The users are verified before commencing trades to be sure they are not imposted upon, so for this reason, the voice and face ID verification will be done. More so, all types of assets will be trading including futures and stocks. All tokenized assets are qualified to be traded on its exchange. All those who will eventually hold the PXP token will gain profit and be able to stake at any time with their assets.

✓ The Pointpay wallet is a multicurrency wallet that ensures the protection of users funds and also provide anonymity. In the wallet, a user can easily convert from one type of assets to another easily and instantly and also perform withdrawals at will. They can make deposits at anytime as well and are opened to currencies like the USD, CNY and EUR. Interestingly, users have an option to send funds to other users through mails or as sms when they use this multicurrency wallet.

To make Pointpay stronger, the team has ensured its tight bond with many banks and payments portals. It is very functional in its payments services due to the mother company's experience in the field. This has made it design flexible payment scheme that can be of assistance to the people using it. About 500 million of the PXP token is put up for its crowdfunding process because the products it is proposing are very expensive and will need fund to support in achieving the main goals. The aim of this crowdfunding exercise is to raise the system products. However, the team has got the first version of this project ready to be tested by the investors to know how much effort has been invested towards this project. As a matter of fact, it is a latest FINTECH company with limited number of token. So it will be very smart of anyone to invest in it.

The fact that people are so pleased with a system of finance without border restrictions, they have actively engaged with the use of cryptoassets and many more population has kept showing interest in it as each day passed. The growth in the crypto world has become so rapid now that the number of cryptocoins have greatly increased within the first decade of the digital ledger creation. Pointpay now makes the payment system better for the new users.


Many platforms in the digital ledger have their own crypto banks where their users perform their banking operations on the digital community but the Pointpay crypto bank is much more preferred because of its existence as an all in one network. The approach makes the difference because all services can be provided either in crypto or fiduciary money. This type of system with an all in one approach is very rare in the digital ledger and the fact that it combines all the activities of trading, selling, buying, and the overall control of cryptocoins add more value to the system.

This Pointpay crypto bank has the objectives of impacting convenience in the digital banking structure better than what is experienced in the traditional setup with everyday services in all the different banking operations. This crypto bank option will be beneficial to all the subscribers in the platform. This platform will succeed in making it very convenient for all users to enjoy unrestricted banking access and also enjoy all the services they are offered. Meanwhile, the benefits will be passed on to the non technical users too when they eventually take any step in helping themselves with this feature. No complications will be faced even as the provision will be for a long time.

In many part of the world today, the people are getting tired of cash payments because of the insecurity it brings them and how inconvenient it is for people to go everywhere with great amount of money. Many a times, some people would love to be unnoticed when they perform some transactions offline but that can never be possible if the cash system is not put at bay. Now things are becoming better especially with new banking app features that now makes cashless payments easy and Interesting. This is the same scope to be followed in using cryptocoins for payments. This platform crypto bank plans to improve users financiaI transcations with the ability to pay with digital assets. This platform brings all users close to the moment where all the cryptocurencies will become accepted as a means of payments in every aspect to be used in purchasing anything at all in the real world. This new improvement however will be of benefit to all that use this platform. Pointpay is above all of its competitors in the community. This advantage will give it all the resources it needs to have its own bank very soon so as to expand on this innovation to put aside every form of restrictions that could be a threat to its growth.


The conventional banks are always limited to wherever they are located. Their services don't usually go beyond their geopolitical locations which means that they are restricted by location. On the other hand, the Pointpay crypto bank is digitized and is not limited in any way from serving users all around the world. It can serve as many users as possible in different countries at the same time with great effiiency better than the traditional bank that is confined to the country where it is located.

The transfer fee usually charged when using the traditional banks most times are usually up to 3% of the amount being transferred while this platform has minimized that three times to just 1%. This is more economical and affordable to those concerned anyway.

The cross-border transfer operations in the old system usually takes many days to be completed eventually while this platform bank ensures all transactions done internationally are completed within minutes of initiation.

The parties involved in the transactions from the old banks cannot chose to be anonymous while performing any operation but it is possible to have one's privacy when doing anything in the platform. Moreover, it adds the use of cryptocoins to its banking features which the old banks cannot do because they lack the infrastructures to enable them do so. In the Pointpay crypto bank, all the users have a personalized account from which all their transactions are done to avoid unnecessary bureaucratic procedures that would otherwise be imposed on every step of the transaction like its done in all conventional banks.


The function of this network differs and is very transparent especially when it comes to the banking services. It adds to the existing features a credit and debit card that is connected to both master and Visa card. This makes payments easy for the users and also make them able to withdraw money at any time. There is full Security in using these services especially when it comes to using the cards, they can be used just like the already known debit cards in ATM machines anywhere users might be in the world. This is the safest means of weilding money in this generation without having any cause for regrets at all. I advised you choose this platform to be satisfied with all financiaI services.

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