Since the time mobile phones started coming into full use by a large population of users, messaging has been the fastest and most effective means of reaching those that are very far away. That is what put an end to the conventional use of letter or post office and other analogue means of communication. Using of our mobile has therefore became so acceptable and very easy that no other way will be as effective was it. Then came the social Media process. This brought about platforms like Facebook and others which to some extent reduced the cost in messaging along with some other features that is considered very useful. But so far so good, all of these has their own limitations and tge disadvantages which were not acceptable. The dissatisfaction in that has led to the creation of NESTREE which is well designed as a better substitute.


This is a fast and reliable messaging platform which is built on the decentralised ledger economy. It uses the best available information to give perfect services and get users familiar with an easy way to make money even as they get the required services from it. This innovation has been designed to eliminate the problems with the initial telecom system, and to make the process easier to do with less use of resources. The users here can easily perform their task having no fear and having something to gain at the end. Nestree is around to make people have the advantage of an effective network for reaching others. It has simple a simple structure and well organized features which makes all of these possible
It is more of an application with the perfect ERC 20 model token. It works for instant messaging and is very correct at the services it provides. It provides equal benefits for all its users and is very fair at giving values.


NESTREE has so many groups or channels in its ecosystem where new users can join to work together. They can work as individuals or for groups which will make any of their operations simple enough and beneficial.

All those who joined must become a user of the token called the EGG token. That is the native currency with so many use. It comes with the wallet features which makes trading easy and also encourages storage of funds. The token holders are definitely going to have much benefits in the community especially for purchasing and using great services that don't come freely. There is a reward for almost everything done in this platform. The reward mostly comes from viewing the adverts put up by other users in the community. This is how a users can easily earn and make a living by using Nestree.
Only useful messages are made public before some other irrelevant ones. This is to set priorities right and to avoid taking wrong advantage of thw network for all forms of misleading or wrong doings.

With the wallets, services like giving out or receiving tokens or coins are very possible. Infact this is done effortlessly without paying so much. The wallet also supports p2p transactions and the storage of different types of coins. Importing and exporing of old wallet are allowed for users to make great Choice and be comfortable with whatsoever condition they want to use.

When a user purchase a good from the platform, payments can be done securely through this same wallet to the merchants who also use the same type of wallet.



Asides the wallet, the token is useful, it makes you as a user able to come out as an advertiser of a product which you can place on the channel and distribute the EGG for you to have more than enough people to view it. This is actually how the system works for those who put out goods for sell. They don't pay to get their products placed but give out to their viewers. Rewards in this network is given randomly. Contents too are made available all the time so that users can easily get what they need as they become a part of the Nestree family.

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