This innovation emerges as a solid network for gamblers to enjoy profitable games on the DLT. The innovation is transparent and it uses smartcontracts to make the conventional lottery structure better and secured for those partaking in it. With this innovation, users will have an effective way to conduct their gambling operations. Stakings will be coordinated and made possible using different tokens. It uses a very useful token which functions as the security token for the operations. In this token (LOTES) investors can invest smartly and get other opportunities. As for the token, it made to function as a part of the ecostructure, although there is not public sale for it and those who desire to get it can purchase from the setup website. For users to enjoy massive Profitability, they have to use the LOTES token due to its greatness. Of a fact, the token will only be available for all to use and purchase in the setup alone. The token will be sold I batches, and it will follow a regular pattern which will be disclosed to the registered users alone.

Once you become a member of LOTEO, all the details of the token program will be revealed to you and it will become impossible to miss out on any opportunity in the community. The lottery will be prevented from manipulations through the token distrubution which will be done in percentage with great concensus with the team plan.



Gambling is an old sector which worth more than 10 billion dollars. It has been in existence for so long and its market has suffered some level of degradation recently. It constantly generate annul revenue from the activities in it and has been classified among the well meaning industry. With the emergence of the internet, it become more popular and more players are getting involved in it even though it has its own challenges. The web has contributed to its growth in many ways and has led to the establishment of the online lottery structure. However, the DLT is designed to support it further and contribute to its growth factors through the easy of gambling users will have through it.
The problems it has been facing have been the ones that mostly affects its players. Players don't have the secured environment for their activities anymore, the high level of centralisation is dominating and affecting the structure, transparency in operations is now lacking and the poor organization of the industry makes it so poor to be a part of it. All of these have been the major defects in the community and has caused a level of degradation in it such that profit making is not viable in the structure.

With the intervention of crypto solutions, the team aims at increasing the adoption of the sector through the involvement of Investors and cryptocurencies. They plan to improve on the digital lottery structure and improve trust in the structure. This method of providing the solutions is really amazing because it penetrates the vast market, making users know what is at stake for them while the customers are sensitized about tye importance of using smartcontracts in the structure. Now automated form of services can be achieved in the lottery games and gambling can be done transparently. This setup forms a very transparent online gambling structure where users can enjoy the incomparable services aided by smartcontracts. When a users joins the setup, they are made to purchase the tickets that enables them to participate in the lottery weekly. The lottery is done using the ETH and some other users who doesn't want to play directly can decide to do so through third parties. When they get the entry, they play games based on some set rules to control the activities in the LOTEO innovation.



Loteo makes the gamblers more exposed to the community, having a free and fair network for gambling controlled by smartcontracts. They take charge with the games they play and when they stake from their wallet. For every pool, they winners that emerge have their tokens (rewards) sent to them through their wallet address.

Website: https://Whitepaper: https://tokensale.invech.io/documents/ieo-whitepaper.pdfplayloteo.com/ANN Thread: .me/loteomission

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