The first ever aim of creating the digital currency was to make users able to do whatever they would do financiaIly without having centralised bodies to dictate or supervise them. Thus, that objectives bring about the thought of a peer to peer pattern with many users with the banks totally out of this program. This is what many other arising innovation understand and look forward to achieving as they all press towardd that goal since bitcoin could not do that for long. It is important to note that the problems which has affected the community as well as the adopters has been the ICO program which wasn't intented to do so. Some ecosystem have just seen that avenue to fulfil their selfish desires, thus disregarding the benefits of those who come up as their users or prospective members. Continuing this way will take the blockchain no where close to mainstream adoption which is the reason why Helios is needed. This new innovation is self funded for its operations and need nothing of investors fund to make a difference.


HELIOS provides users with wallet which serves several helpful purposes such as staking to compliment the proof of stake which serves better and is more useful for a decentralised network like this. It has a structure of rewards users and users in turn have a good structure to stake. This is how the platform exhibits its mathematical relationship between the time, rewads and stakes in the ecosystem. On the other hand the platform uses the full node and masternode as the other types of rewards and pattern of working. The nodes determine the level of response for this components. The components has a designed time period for rewards, there is a constant reward multiplier, and also the average uptime for the nodes and a simple calculation can be made from this to be that the

Node reward = constant reward multiplier x the average uptime x time period. So the reason for incentivizing members is to make them able to run the nodes, perform transactions and earn rewards which will keep them doing this.

To prevent members from abusing or using this platform wrongly, the slashing protocol is provided and it means that anyone spotted for misusing the platform will have nothing in their wallet to continue and that act will stop. So the platform is on guard and watching out for something like this to be able to launch the slashing action.


This platform gives room for the use of great smartcontracts which has the full integration of the Ethereum virtual machine. It has the same quality and can be easily changed to work absolutely well for the Helios. This feature will be of advantage to developers that often have to create dApps all over again from the start when they have a new setup to work for rather than doing some transition from the ones they have already created. The smartcontracts will make things easier for them. In addition to that is the fact that they also will be given some fraction of the token to aid their activities in the ecosystem.


The platform also has the intention of saving cost on energy use. This is what brought about the switch from PoW to PoS. The wallet supports this too and at the end, the energy use if efficient and reasonable. All the activities of this innovation will still be seen to be at the decentralised standard such that even the nodes are in syncrony. The right saturation will be birthed, the transaction time per second greatly improved. All these wont be limited by the amount of wallets in the community and even at that effective communication will exist between any nodes working together. The vision of this platform and that of the BTC innovator is still inline with each other and there is no need for it following others by also selling just a few percentage of its token for their selfish reasons.


No platform has come on the digital ledger having the same plans as Helios. The strength of the tech backing it will be deployed for it to make up with other leading coins. The smartcontracts will give it more advantage to be in its best so that more users from afar off can be interested to join. A close watch will be on all the users to ensure nothing illegal or manipulations doesn't transpire in or across their nodes or the blocks used. The information you will need to get started with the platform has been given, although even more can be sourced for to be sure about all that has been said before adopting it, but I assure you that its a structure with great potentials.

Website: https://heliosprotocol.io
Whitepaper: https://heliosprotocol.io/#project-tabs-indicator-white-paper
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/GSuKeBGme_EoTjHCiGmupQ
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HeliosPlatform
Facebook: https://HeliosProtocolPlatform
Github: https://github.com/Helios-Protocol

Name: Okeke Chioma
Email: chomsyoc2@gmail.com

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