Before going ahead to discuss about this new platform at length, i would like to recall that IoT devices are great structures that leads in the world of technology right about this moment and it is very important and extremely useful that so many enterprises would have love to have unlimited access to use them but couldn't. Only those that could afford the cost involved in getting them have been using them in their operations. But as a way to make other have that same benefit that has been limited from their reach as a result of lack of enough capital or cost required to acquire them, this platform HAWK, puts its Innovation together for all companies, both great and small to have IoT devices or infrastructures available in their operations.


This project is a useful technical innovation that aims to bring the entire Functionalities of the intelligent Internet of things to the digital world. It does this with the computing data and other technical infrastructures that would work in the platform to make it work. Then the main goal remains to provide many companies with low cost IoT for their growth and for them to provide more efficient services.

It takes that as a major prior and for that reason will be using intelligent hardware components which are based on the digital ledger. Hawk will best utilize the power of the blockchain and will achieve a balanced ecosystem through it. Hawk will make sure the internet of things becomes a globally useful innovation for all its beneficiaries that look to adopt the innovation that gives access to IoT devices.

This platform has one of its Interesting application to enable short distance travel through tge decentralised network. That is the electric scooters that comes from the Black Hawk knight. The performance of the product have been seen to be awesome as it utilize energy efficiently when it was compared to other similar product. This gave it an assurance of spreading to other parts of the world and to major cities where the use can be much appreciated.


This platform will penetrate so many countries through its strategy that assures many enterprises of proper scaling in the world. The innovation of the Black Hawk knight will raise so many investors which would participate in it, making them a partaker of the dividends from the scooter innovation especially because that will be focused on the travel network. Since the scooter device is electric, it will contribute to a safe planet as it consumers green energy and will be sustainable as the super mining device for this ecosystem.

The platform applies the edge computing and applies to all economic model that buys the scheme and innovation it puts forward. Other features include the multiple encryption system and the users digital identity that makes the system secure and very functional.

The HAWK token is another component in this medium that fulfils some demands for users like financing, mortgage and other payment functions. It can be applied in almost all the situations in this platform and is circulated to every part of the system as the master native currency.


Having such a token and other Interesting features that makes this platform unrivaled will undoubtedly transform the entire companies that finds a way to adopt IoT devices and the solutions in their operations. With that, a new generation of enterprises will emerge, flawless and without any difficulties in their operations. Hawk Network will remain useful as a potential IoT innovation that every enterprises can trust.

Website: https://hawk.cool/
Whitepaper: https://hawk.cool/HAWK%20WP-EN0622.pdf
ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5175545.msg52160373#msg52160373/
Telegram: https://t.me/HawkGlobalGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/hawk_HKC/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hawk.hkc/

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