There is a latest Innovation that plans to improve our use of cryptocoins and the ledger chain. This platform has provided solution to all the problems with the existing digital system and it is introducing a very scalable ahd transparent network where all operations can be done correctly in a decentralised network that makes all transactions very easier for users. This platform however needs to be adopted by all cryptousers for them to experience a fast and reliable the cryptocommunity is to have the new functionX f(x) in all the activities carried out such that a perfectly decentralised and functional program and make users look up to the improvement that can be achieved through its use.


This platform uses the strength of IoT and smart hardware to improve on its decentralised system such that it becomes very valued and useful for performing mobile functions as well as all crypto functions to be a multi purpose DApp which can serve several purpose using the decentralised infrastructures that makes it up. The solutions it brings will make users get to use it as mobile phones with the function X OS used as a leverage in it. This will serve as an in house solution for all users to easily customize their functions to suit their needs at any moment.


This DApp has smart devices that exist in form of nodes with unique addresses for every user. They are also having different keys and names that differs from others. So this devices are perfectly connected and identified by the node names they are given. The construction of the OS of the DApp is an Android 9.0 version which definitely works for all android applications. It also supports other service like Google and some other services that could be achieved through an Android device. It will sustain the decentralised operation and power other features like switching to the cryptocurency mode when the users need to perform any crypto services.


The Xphone allows the safe transmission of data through the complex exchange that provides necessary encryption. This prevents the function of the centralised intermediaries even when the users need to communicate with each other.

This DApp guarantees the protection of users confidential communication through its ability to encrypt records. When users communicate, the details of the info is secured on the functionX chain while the users have the control over the data shared in the platform. This means that a perfect decentralised means of communication is established between users in this ecosystem.

Creating the Xphone from this innovation explains how much relevance the pundi x is important. It will be further applied for use as payment medium between for goods and services exchanged by users. This Innovation will make the digital ledger more popular for many people to adopt it without being confined to their growth stage. This will go a long way as functionX serves the intended goals of the team.

The team and developers of this project have plans to make it an open source platform which will be either the GNU GPLv3 or the Apache open source. Although no conclusion has been made concerning that yet but there is assurance it will definitely be one of the two.


The hardware structure is a big part of the plan for this platform. It uses an f(x) which is very compactible with all the devices users might be using. It works with the android, tablet devices and even on smart TV.

The browser will be a little bit different from what users are familiar with. It will be using the Google chrome, only that it will be more modified to support the FXTP and HTTP better. This will make users able to explore the distributed ledger and the central space with the traditional contents on Google website. That will mark it difference from any other platform that has been in existence before it especially because of the XPhone's uniqueness.



For the continuous operation of this platform, the f (x) coin will be used as the token to bring about perfect liquidity and to provide users with a currency to make payments with or other transactions. Then this platform will become profitable for all the service providers, developers and also to users that use it. The advantages associated with it will make other institutions interested in it for all what the team has designed it to be and how helpful it would be to the adopters. This is a project to look forward to because it has got all what it take to expand users knowledge about crypto so as to enable them leverage on all the opportunities they find in the digital community.

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