Without intermediaries like what the traditional setup use, the public ledger can ensure the success of operations between two parties with its decentralized tools smoothly. If this can be amplified, most definitely there wouldn't be any flaw or monopolization of data whatsoever on the blockchain never. Meanwhile, if that is fully established , it would be of use to just emerging innovators that can grow effortlessly based on this distributed network of data. To make this happen will be to introduce a better structure which will increase the existing manner of operation to make it better and more perfect. Right about now, the only concept that can do that is the function X community.


This network that has just been created is a big solution with great functionaries to achieve its goals to harness the power of decentralization even more. The tools are the Operating System (OS), the Decentralized Docker, functionX ledger, FXTP Protocol and the IPFS. With these features, all the use of data will be controlled and set to meet the needs of adopters. All the services, web and application will be subjected to their control as they are used in the community.


The OS of functionX will function by allowing the full utilization of the hardware infrastructures and the IoT device with the decentralised approach to it. However, with the users' smart phones, they will be able to use the Function X OS like an X phone that can be customized by both single users and companies that use it on their mobiles. When any device is introduced for this purpose, they will get registered on each node with the names given to them by the users. The OS has been designed to be compactible with the Android OS and to function with other apps in the devices and this is just to allow for easy usability. This OS infrastructure also supports other Android services and enhances easy connectivity to the internet.

Asides the OS functionalities, the FXTP component coordinates the transmission of data on the public ledger and allows easy encryption on the decentralised network. This strategy is free from the traditional intermediaries because this way, data sharing becomes easy and protection is certain. The OS is relevant in the communication between users or the telecom sector so that all the information is recorded safe on the distributed ledger.

Using this innovation is very easy, meanwhile, for existing developers and users, transition can be done to be a part of functionX without any difficulty. The team has designed the important process of creating new applications on functionX so that other innovators can make their own dApps without undergoing the long process the team had to undergo. This new way of adopting and building on the foundation of functionX will make it easy for many developers in the traditional system to easy upgrade from their centralised mode of operation to a new decentralized mode that is by far more perfect with the use of nodes and absent of mediators.


This is a part of the functionX community in form of a distributed ledger that forms the main consensus algorithm of the project. It has a unique function of allowing the efforless verification of all the operations of the users, recording of all the payments done between two parties, storage of files or the transfer from one individual to another and also the record of all the calls made in the vast decentralised ledger chain as done from this project by any of the users.

ABOUT THE f(x) FXTP PROTOCOLIn the F(X) platform, certain rules define how information is transferred in this ecosystem. Those rules are what the FXTP protocol gives. This covers how information in website are displayed or used. For transmission of such data, FXTP acts as the decentralised protocol that makes that possible. There is a great contrast between the HTTP and this FXTP. While FXTP monitors and coordinates the transmission of data between the clients involved in the transactlons, the HTTP let users choose a define way they would love to send the data and will also let them know the status of the information they have sent to know whether it has been sent or not. FXTP works with the consensus that makes it function as a request when the users takes any action on their server. When data is sent out using the FXTP protocol, the destination is located through the work of its great consensus.


There is more advantage to look forward to as this project launches and there is no doubt about any of its services. It will flourish and open more people to the possibilities of the immutable ledger.

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