The financiaI institutions is most associated with loaning services in the analogue world but this is not enough for people due to the reason that loans are not always given to all who wants the loan, only those that have tangible collaterals to stand for them eventually gets loans eventually. Now this can be made better if a network can be optimised to be the intermediary between loan givers and borrowers that are ready to mingle in the digital space. However, there is no need going too far to get loans, or have the biggest collaterals, all you need is the FINWHALEX platform to stand between borrowers and lenders to make that possible.


This platform allows all stakeholders to come together on its network to take their positions as either the creditors or the borrowers. Finwhalex is a p2p platform that is beneficial for all the partakers in terms of profit making. They can gain credits and get money quickly within a short time as the users want. It is a multi currency loaning platform that uses a p2p method of operation to connect partakers. Investors from 18 years and above can join the list of borrowers or creditors to get assets from other members or borrow out their funds. Finwhalex provides fast and easy access to credit in any currency of choice and fix the members to any category of participants be it the borrowers, creditors or the mediators depending on what they want to be in it. It plans to make all its features useful to them with full transparency in their operations.



When a borrower decides to get funds from this platform, the first thing to do is to create a loan application following the pattern provided by the system. The loan application must be created in a way that it easily attracts great creditors and make them Interesting in giving out the loans. The borrowers can request for any amount of fund they would love to have. Then a transaction fee will be paid which will be 0.5% of the money to be borrowed.

The borrowers uses their Bitcoin as collateral to get loans. What they will do is to store them wallet and generate a multisite address to allow the lender have access to it the same way the borrowers can. That is where the BTC would be until the loan is repaid. This is a safe means of protecting the lender from being scammed in the system.

When a creditor is ready to pay the loan borrowed, he can first check the value of the Bitcoin in the multi address wallet to see if it is still at the same value with the amount to be returned, if less than that, he can decide to delay the payment or pay the the value of what is available. The lender must be able to come to terms with this before making the agreement. So it means that finwhalex helps the partakers to strictly adhere to the loan obligations when they are getting involved in the process.



Finwhalex is a well planned platform using its unique strategy to operate in the community. Its aim to give everyone financiaI freedom will be achieved with the teams effort on the project. Everyone will have access to a unique p2p loaning platform where they can invest through lending to others or be financiaIly bouyant with the capital they need to move forward with any business they engage in. Profit is sure for the participants in this network when they follow the patterns already laid for them to follow.


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