A reliable index result has proved with necessary evidence how the investment in collectable vehincles have yielded the highest returns when compared with other types of assets consistently for a decade. Interestingly, as that should have led to the increase in the number of investors who should storm the automotive industry but the rverse was the case throughout the years it has consistently been an attraction in the world of investment. That has been traced down to the lack of the resources of so many investors to make entry into the sector. Only elite investors could make up what is required to make profitable returns and that has hindered others. The goodnews is the CurioInvest platform that have the solution to the factors affecting smaller investors.


The goal this project has is to pave way for as many people who desire to invest in collectable cars and also make them generate profit from it. This will be done through its effective tokenizing strategy in the high class cars in the automotive sector. This space will no longer be bound by restrictions but open and made safe to invest in. To make that possible, the team of this platform has ensured the network form partnership with companies that would provide necessary maintenance services to the expensive cars, making their storage easy and monitoring their sales and how their prices increase. One of such partner is Mercuria Helvetica AG. The investment will be managed all along to be bearable by the investors while monitoring the cost and ensuring the continuity of the cycle.

Then as it moves on in this operation, it will be the one and only trusted platform that into the trading and effective purchase of the collectable security tokens globally for all investors to get and have their stakes in the high value automotive space.



We should consider this innovation as being so useful, having offered solutions and that is simply because of its uniqueness which includes ;

Having an existing automobile company as a partner, i.e the Mercuria Helvetica AG and using its status to an advantage of not having to build its innovation from the zero level. However, this partner had already established good relationship with other top vehincle brands like Mercedes-Benz, Pagani and Ferrar. What more could be better than this? So this makes it have exclusive access to more than 500 collectable vehincles at a time to have them invested in and those that would be involved in it which most definitely are the users.
It has also prepared the perfect operational model to control the entire cycle of automobile sponsorship, following its connections to the maintenance expertise and other stakeholders that must be involved.

To protect the Interest of the investors in this ecosystem, CurioInvest has developed special legal entities based in two different region, one in Lichtenstein which ensures the legality of the security token sold by CurioInvest across Europe territory and the entity based in Switzerland to make laws that favours the investors and their activities in the sector such as it affects the type of investment being made. As long as the Switzerland legal entity exists, this digital ledger innovation would scale up easily and will continue to have direct access to useful technicalities that will aid the business globally.



There is no doubt that CurioInvest has got what it takes to thrive together with investors in the high class automotive market owing to its possession of the right partners and experts in different fields in the industry, all having great track records in the industry, in the financiaI institutions and above all in the automotive space.

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