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My Entry to Show Me Your Talent Contest | I'll Never Love This Way Again (Cover Song)

Hello to all.

Have a good day. This is my first time to join a contest here in steemit and I know this because of my brother @loloy2020. I know that I am not really that a good singer but I love to sing that is why my talent that I want to share for everyone here is singing.

The title of my song is I'll Never Love this Way Again. My brother told me to use StarMaker App to record the song. I hope that everyone will like my cover of the song. One this I love in this contest is to let us share all our talents and It seems like God talent. Any comments will be appreciated and I thank you everyone especially to the one who initiated this contest.

Looking forward for another contest soon.

This is it for today, I hope this will be accepted.

Thank you.

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