Blockchain technology has created great opportunities that are beyond the present centralized financial system where cryptocurrencies can be used as a commodity, currency and as a means for value exchange cantered around people. The emergence of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have paved numerous ways for wealth creation, one of which is cryptocurrency trading.
Digital asset exchanges and trading platforms have evolved to be one of the most important parts of the blockchain industry and we seek to improve on the technology by creating a new and innovative digital asset trading platform that will usher the blockchain technology into its glorious future.



Rain credit can be defined as non-custodial digital platform designed to provide solutions in lending, exchanges, derivatives, payments, automated market making and in asset tokenization. Rain Credit is also one of the most profitable cryptocurrency liquidity mining programs in crypto world.
Rain Credit is a DeFi protocol that aims to provide maximum drawback to the Ethereum ecosystem for everyone with access to the internet. Rain credit is unique in that it provides a completely secure and transparent experience as evidenced by smart contracts and a strong token system. Credit offers many services, ranging from staking, borrowing and lending which can be accessed by users on the unified Rain Credit platform.
The Rain Credit team is focused on offering a frictionless decentralized financial system. The Rain Credit team will develop a strong DeFi ecosystem which will consist of Wallet services, crypto trading platforms, payment systems and developing Decentralized Financial Applications. Rain Credit will develop a secure wallet that will allow users to store their various crypto assets. The wallet will be compatible with loans and savings on the platform.
And as previously mentioned, Rain Credit offers a strong DeFi ecosystem where various DeFi products will be offered to the public. This platform is focused on sustainability. All steps to offer a sustainable and profitable DeFi service will be put in place. Various DeFi options with global crypto space will be provided for users.
Among the products that will be offered are: Cryptocurrency exchange, a payment system with the Rain Credit token. With the Rain Credit token, users will be able to perform local and cross-boarding financial transactions and wages can also be paid with this token.

The Rain Credit platform is designed to handle large volume transactions without friction. It combines strong written smart contracts that are bug free. The entire operating system on is Rain Credit automatic. Platform autonomy is facilitated by smart contracts.

Investor reward payments are made automatically. The Rain Credit platform offers a high level of security to protect the platform and investor funds. Rain Credit platform users will be able to participate in Lending, borrowing, betting on a very secure platform, and earn interest based on their investment.


Rain Credit is a game-changing DeFi platform developed to offer the most effective, smart, sustainable and highly profitable decentralized Finance services. Rain Credit will offer the true Decentralized Financial services (DeFi) such as Lending / borrowing Crypto assets, Crypto Exchange services, DApps. Automated Market Making (AMM) and Staking services. Platform users will also be able to maximize their profitability by holding Rain Credit tokens, and using them as a reward mechanism and payment medium
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