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The social medial platform is one of the most widely used applications that connect people all over the world via online, it can be used for different purposes which includes: online marketing, Audio calling, Social Networking etc and must social media communities are limited with some functions, and Haven went through some of those limitations encounter in other social media platform, Omni team of professional members worked together did underground research on ways to improve and solve limitations in the social media industry and later came up with a lucrative idea on how to improve the social media community through the use of an App, called ‘’OMNI’’


As we may have already known all cryptocurrencies are powered by blockchain technology and all transactions are performed on blockchain in a very secure and properly maintained environment and. Omni is one of the most widely used social media app built using blockchain technology in promoting trust among all its users and also created to solve challenges encountered in social media communities.
Omni Application is not just a social media app but it is a mega app that will storm the world 2021 and beyond with the

following features:

• Fund Transfer:
As an Omni user, you can easily make fund transfers to your friends or family without even knowing their bank account details. Funds are transferred instantly to the recipient's account.

• Social Networking:
Omni is a completely social networking solution and chatting app through which you can connect with friends and family members, send text messages, files, and more, send money online, pay bills, post on user walls, share your story and discuss through comments, create and follow brand pages. The app is suitable for people of all ages.

• Secret charting: Omni secret chart is where all its users can share disappearing messages with other users.

• Hd videos and Audio calling: Omni Audio or video call is end-to-end encryption that keeps users' conversations confidential.

• Share Stories; Omni app is built with a section where one can swipe through stories or create a story to stay up-to-date with favorite influencers and creators.

• Group calling: Omni platform allows all its users to call multiple parties via in-app group calling.

• Marketing: Omni platform allows all its users to advertise and reach out to their potential customers online.

• Dub and Duet: Omni dub and duet allows users to create challenges on songs and audios.

• Photo creation and editing: Omni app has a free online picture editor and graphic designer, which allows all its users to edit their photos online.


Omni is an online social media mega application that connects people all over the world online, this app was created through the use of blockchains which makes it more secured and transparent, the Omni platform have series of features which includes: social networking, audio/video calls, etc the Omni coin serves as a fuel used in sending gift items to friends, favorite creators, buy products from in-app stores, NFT Marketplace, etc

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