MEGATRON(MTR) :The Rise of Blockchain Revolution


Megatron(MTR) project is a TRC-20 project that is being developed to be used by entrepreneurs, smallbusinesses and for utility purposes.
The Megatron(MTR) project is also one of the most simple, secured and reliable cryptocurrency exchange provided to users all over the world which offers its investors a friendly, easy-to-use trading platform with a wide variety of products programmed by MTR on many devices to help customers trade anytime, anywhere.

1) Megatron project was built with on an oracle cryptocurrency wallet, which is a friendly easy to use crypto application, that allows megatron users to store and monitor their transactions in both private and public key.
The megatron oracle wallet is also used in meeting different needs of all its users suchas:
• Creating and signing in of account
• Simple Asset management
• Digital Asset management
• Token swapping
2) Megatron project uses blockchain messaging Application known as “TELEPATHY”it is a social communication network used by both public and organisations that is more authentic and seamless in doing business.
The Telepathy communication network strives to be a solution that eliminates issues that arises in the system the telepathy network provides the following functions:
• Create Accounts
• Currency transaction
• Effective Communication
3) Megatron project has a Tv series for entertainment known as Wolf Pack. Wolf pack is an entrepreneurial program, with prominent investors ready to invest


This token is a perfect currency for this platform and all the transactions in it. This platform plays a prominent told in this modem as it promotes a very quick and dependable platform that runs with greater possibilities. This platform has initial exchange offer and will be made so attractive to investors as the coin would be shared among users. This native currency will be useful in so many ways and it would be able to secure the platform, as it would be used from the user’s wallets. All holdings of users in this platform would be kept in the wallet provided and as that is done, more of the MTR token would be provided to satisfy the interest of users and make sure this platform remains a useful paradigm that is not after what the traders would gain in it. The users would benefit as they interact with the blockchain. A new concept of trading would be birthed and then traders would benefit as they interact with the unique project that has so much to offer.

• 13% of the tokens are sold to investors during the Private ICO
• 27% of our tokens are allocated for IEO (Initial exchange offering)
• 10% tokens are distrusted for Strategy Partner & Advisory for market stability.
• 10% tokens are allocated to founder (key of one year)
• 5% tokens are distributed for Referral, during the token sale, a referral session would be done for promoting and marketing the project.
• 5% tokens are distributed to developers and will be used for future airdrops and promotions.
• 20% tokens will be Reserve Funds for emergencies
• 10% tokens are distributed to Angel Round for give support to business start-ups

megatron token.png

• Token Name: MEGATRON
• Token Ticker: MTR
• Total supply: 100,000,000,000 MTR (Pre-Mining)
• Platform: Tron Blockchain
• Standard Token: TRC20
• Token Type: POW (Proof of Work)

Megatron project platform is obviously a project that is worth investing and trading with, it offers a fully decentralized platform where users can invest and as while trade and The MTR team members has equipped themselves with all the tools of digital asset trading and investment MTR team members has drawn its conclusions based on research and observations against other exchanges itself. with no doubt MTR project is one of the best project of the year 2021
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