The diary game// 4th April, 2021 // Happy Easter Sunday

Dear diary, it's not just another Sunday but Easter Sunday. I made up my mind since the week that no matter how tired or stressed I may be, I must make it to church today.

By past 6a.m I was up. I joined my family in our morning prayers and then proceeded to make the stew and simultaneously make breakfast which was my famous home-made buns.

My husband tried dissuading me from going to church considering how tired I was plus my sweet bunch were down health wise but I have set my mind as a Flint and I am not backing down.

By past 8a.m, the children had eaten, taken their baths and watching their favourite cartoon 'PJ Masks'. I then left alone for church.

I do not for one bit regret going to church. In addition to it being the first sunday, as an Easter Sunday, we had double dose of choir renditions. I love to hear good music and today I was not disappointed.

At close of church, I made my way home.
In a Keke back from church

Luckily for me, the rice was on fire. I only had to make salad. I could not eat my Easter rice. Today, I felt like eating something different and my brother surprised me with shawarma
My half eaten shawarma

and ice-cream.
Join me in eating my ice-cream

That's my only meal today.

Afterwards, I searched for an appropriate dress to wear the following day for a wedding. As a female, other of my species would agree with me that when you believe you do not have a worthy dress to wear for an occasion, you spend plenty of time fitting and re-fitting all your clothes. That was my situation.

By night, I was fagged out and my family had to make do with the rice left over from noon.
Sleep calls. Goodnight all...

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Nice, Determination is key to success. I hope you go again next Sunday. Enjoy your ice-cream.

07.04.2021 23:42

Thank you, I hope I will.

08.04.2021 04:51

It's so important that you went to church on Easter Sunday.
You know Easter is the reason for our salvation.
Nice post. Thank You

08.04.2021 00:18

Thank you so much.

08.04.2021 04:57

Nice diary @chinma, really your commitment to be in the presence of your Father is a reasonable endeavor, on the other hand I don't really see any beauty in Life without good songs or perhaps good music. Nice write-up.

08.04.2021 01:49

Thanks so much. Indeed, music adds a lot of colour to the otherwise dark world.

08.04.2021 04:55